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   Chapter 255 (Part One)

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"That's right. How could you love me? It's good enough that you don't hate me! "

Ben lay on the bed and turned Wendy's body back on his arm. Noticing her sadness and helplessness, he tightened his arms around her waist. After a long time, he said in a hoarse voice, "It's time to sleep!"

Wendy grabbed his clothes tightly and rubbed against his chest. Soon she found that it was difficult to sleep comfortably in her arms. Ben sat up angrily and broke free from his arms. She frowned and reached out her arm to turn off the light at the bedside!

"You did it on purpose!"

Ben raised his eyes and looked at her quietly. He didn't say anything and didn't say anything to her. Seeing his expression, Wendy was even angrier. She angrily reached out to turn on the light again. Ben frowned and helplessly looked at the angry woman!

"Nonsense!" Looking at Wendy's angry face, Ben scolded her in a low voice.

As if Wendy didn't care about him at all, he unbuttoned his clothes with his little hands. Ben was stunned for a moment and looked at her in confusion. When he saw that he took off his coat, his face suddenly turned cold. Just when he was about to misunderstand something, he took off his coat and directly lied down in his arms again. "It's cold here, but it's coldIt's uncomfortable to sleep in such a thick coat! "

After saying that, Wendy closed her eyes as if nothing had happened, and then said leisurely, "Turn off the light and go to sleep. Don't you feel uncomfortable with such thick clothes rolling around?"

All of a sudden, Wendy became quiet. On the contrary, Ben stared at her face with his black eyes. For a long time, the light was still on. Wendy suddenly opened her eyes and saw the abnormality deep in Ben's eyes.

She exclaimed slightly. It seemed that she just remembered what she had done and said just now!

"Well. Don't think too much! " With a red face, Wendy punched him hard on the chest, but Ben was still staring at his face. Wendy looked at him angrily and said: "Do you men think about your lower body?"

Why could they think of that in a simple sentence.

Hearing that, Ben frowned and said dangerously, "Both of them? How many more have you had?

sense of happiness in her heart. But every time she thought that she had a happy smile on her small face when she was with Brody, she felt angry. Indignation.

Why was Brody so close to her now? And if Melissa kept getting close to Brody, it would only give Brody more chances. If this continued, it would definitely not be a good omen!

Tracy lay on her side on the bed, deliberately keeping a straight face and said, "Do you still know how to sleep? Aren't you going to play with your father? " She clearly remembered how she asked her to sleep just now, but Melissa didn't expect that she would pull Brody's arm and entangle him. Obviously, she had forgotten her mother. Tracy was really worried that if things went on like this, she would not recognize her as a mother!

"But... It's time to go to bed! " Melissa opened her eyes wide and looked at Tracy in confusion.

Isn't it very late now? Her mother always taught her to go to bed early and get up early, but now it seemed to be more than three o'clock in the morning!

Looking at her innocent face, Tracy felt that she couldn't speak at all. It seemed that she couldn't communicate with Melissa at all. In her mind, besides playing and sleeping, she was thinking of Brody.

It seemed that she couldn't understand why her mother was angry now.

"Then... Mom, I'll sleep with you! " Seeing that Tracy didn't say anything, Melissa looked at Tracy innocently for a while and then went to bed directly.

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