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   Chapter 236 (Part Three)

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After a few seconds, Wendy looked at the silent Ben and said helplessly, "Okay, I'll have a try!"

Wendy bent over and observed the yellow thing on the door intently. After a long time, she said sarcastically, "We have used the ancient bronze lock, but what about the retina lock?" Ben was stunned. It was obvious that he didn't understand what Wendy meant.

Staring at the lock with her bright eyes, Wendy smiled mischievously. She took out the thin iron wire in her hand and put it into the lock hole. Within a second, the lock was opened. Ben, who was standing behind Wendy, was stunned. He reached out his hand and took off the lock on the door. After observing for a few seconds, he said, "Retina lock? How did you open it? "

"Yes, the retina lock can only be opened by the person who locks it, but I can easily open it. It's just a cover up. This person is just kidding, a trick I played with you!"

With a darkened face, Ben swaggered and continued to say proudly, "It's just an ordinary lock. You must have been here for the first time. When you saw it was a retina lock, you were disappointed and came back. But to be honest, you can't find a way out. Thinking of me, a senior technician, I'm more relieved, because compared with me. The superb unlocking skill has been approved! "

Hearing Wendy's long speech, Ben was speechless. After a long time, he said sarcastically, "I've done a lot of things!"

"Then don't look for me!"

Soon, Ben's face was replaced by a serious look. He opened the door and entered, and then said without looking back, "Wendy, you'd better hurry up!"

Wendy followed her to the second floor. When she saw the big lock on the door of the bedroom, her two eyes began to glow. Seeing this, a helpless smile appeared on Ben's solemn face.

Looking at the funny look on her face, he couldn't help but tease, "It's a habit to steal too much!" Wendy's beautiful eyes suddenly lit up. She turned around and threatened indignantly, "Then don't look for me!"

Seeing that Wendy was serious, Ben decided not to tease her. When Wendy saw that he became quiet, she turned around and looked at the lock on the door.

"The lock is indeed very complicated. It was used in ancient times. I'm sure this man must have a strange character!" Wendy murmured as he observed. With a gleam shining in his eyes, Ben blurted out, "How do you know it's a man?"

It seemed that he didn't tell Wendy that this was a man's room, nor did he tell her that this was the home of Bob. Yes, without looking back, Wendy said disapprovingly," Lock, women are usually not so intelligent as you!"


t it in the end!" After saying that, Ben left. Looking at his back with her bleak eyes, Wendy suddenly said in despair, "Don't worry. You won't be involved in my life or death."

After saying that, Wendy stood still. Hearing that, Ben frowned and his face darkened. "I'll say it for the last time. Go home!"

His words were full of threats. With a mocking smile, Wendy said, "You are schizophrenic!" He had asked her to stay here just now, but now he asked her to go home. When Ben stopped at the stairs, his eyes became colder and colder.

Just as the atmosphere fell into a stalemate, Melissa suddenly wrapped her arms around the neck of Ben and said to Wendy, "Who are you? But I tell you, he will beat someone. He also hit that sister. If you stay here, you will definitely be mistreated by him!"

"Well..." Looking at her lovely face, Wendy was speechless.

When Melissa was about to say something, she was scolded harshly by Ben, "Shut up!"

After saying that, before Melissa could speak, Ben put her on the ground. He turned around and approached Wendy. Wendy looked at him in a daze. When Wendy guessed what he would do to her, Ben picked him up directly.

Wendy's whole body was completely frozen, and her mind was out of circulation for a moment. It was not until Ben started to attack that Wendy realized that she was struggling and shouting, "Ben, you are crazy..."

With a cold face, Ben didn't say a word. She stood on the ground in astonishment and motioned Melissa to follow. Seeing the expression on Ben's face, Melissa didn't dare to disobey at all. At last, she had to follow him step by step with grievance. But along the way, her eyes were full of confusion.

"Ben..." Wendy struggled in his arms anxiously.

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