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   Chapter 232 (Part Two)

The Devil's Lure By Xi Ying Characters: 7716

Updated: 2020-05-21 00:13

When more and more people gathered at the door of the ward, Elsa suddenly cried out, "Help. Help... " Tears streamed down Elsa's face as she shouted. It was not until then that Bob realized what Elsa was doing. At the moment, Elsa began to struggle desperately and shouted, "Let go of me. Help. Let me go... "

However, Bob didn't stop him. Instead, she tightly held her wrist with her big hand, and pressed her legs and feet with her belly to prevent her from moving. At this time, Elsa cried even more seriously, "Let go of me. Don't touch me. Help... "

Elsa's voice became more and more miserable, and there were more and more people gathered at the door of the ward. Holding Elsa's wrist tightly, Bob glared at Elsa as if she was going to be smashed to ashes. Elsa kicked her legs and feet hard, trying to struggle, but her body was like a big stone on top of her. No matter how hard she struggled, she couldn't move half of him. We will split up.

Elsa continued to cry, "Let go of me. Help me... "

"Look at yourself in the mirror. Look at your dissatisfied face. Anyone who comes in will think that you are under me. Bang! " The word "Bob", word by word, clearly and cruelly humiliated Elsa.

Elsa was stunned for a moment, tears rolling down from the corners of her eyes. At the moment when they stared at each other, several male doctors came in. When the male doctor saw this scene, he was also stunned.

Then, one of the middle-aged doctors came up. When Elsa sensed that someone was coming, she was even more embarrassed and humiliated. At this time, her chest was blocked by the broad chest of Bob, but her shoulder was very inelegant to be exposed outside.

At this time, Elsa also forgot her original plan. It was obvious that Bob noticed that someone was coming over behind her. He stretched out his big hand and pulled Elsa's clothes. Then he stood up, turned around and looked at the doctor expressionlessly. "I'm really sorry. I'm sorry. My girlfriend is quarreling with me!"

The doctor looked suspiciously at Elsa. At this time, Elsa was disheveled and sat up. When the doctor was about to shout, she was suddenly lifted up by the doctor. In his arms, Elsa was at a loss.

"I'm sorry. We've already gone through the discharge formalities!" Then Bob walked out with Elsa in hi

o achieve his goal. He could think of any dirty three tricks.

With his dark eyes fixed on Tracy's face, Brody had never left. When she saw Tracy, gritting her teeth, she couldn't help laughing. He looked at her with a playful look and said, "This is the hospital. What can I do for you? Besides, I'm not talking nonsense about the insect on your body. You can ask the doctor later. Besides, your wound seems to be more serious. Bugs will rise faster! "

Brody's words made Tracy's hair stand on end.? As a matter of fact, the wound on her back was really itchy, as if there were bugs crawling. Tracy was so scared that her palms were sweating. She almost sat up from the bed. Bugs?

Her face also changed, feeling that the wound was itchier and itchier, as if a little thing was crawling up and down. Brody still stared at Tracy's face, not missing the slightest change on her face. When he sensed the fear on Tracy's face, he was almost amused by her and almost laughed out. Brody held back his laughter and continued to observe Tracy.

At this time, Tracy had completely forgotten about Brody. All she cared about was her back. The wound didn't hurt much, but there was a little pain, but more itchy. Finally, Tracy couldn't help reaching out her hand to the back. When her hand touched the wound, she subconsciously wanted to scratch it. However, as soon as her fingers touched the wound, she grimaced in pain. Although she was lying on the bed now, she tried her best not to let the wound near her shoulder touch the hard bed.

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