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   Chapter 231 (Part One)

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With his back to Elsa, Brody turned around awkwardly. Elsa was looking at him pitifully, her face full of strong pleading, and even unspeakable panic.

After a long time, Elsa didn't hear any reply from him. She said anxiously, "Brother..."

If he didn't take her away this time, she would never have a chance. Looking at Elsa's pleading eyes, Brody finally made up his mind and said, "Elsa, I don't care how you know Bob and how you get together, but you have to leave the hospital after you recover!"

As soon as Brody finished his words, his sharp eyes swept over the expressionless face of Bob, and his expression became more and more unfathomable. Seeing this, Elsa fell into silence, but she didn't give up and continued to beg, "Take me home. I'm going home now. I'm going home to recuperate!"

Elsa became more and more anxious when she saw the disappearing figure of Brody. He turned his head and glanced at Elsa with a frown. After a long time, he said apologetically, "Wait a minute!"

"No, the doctor said we need to have a reexamination later!" As soon as Brody finished his words, he made an excuse. Elsa turned to look at Bob with fear.

Brody didn't say anything and turned around to leave. Elsa became more and more anxious. "No... Take me away now! "

However, no matter how heartbroken Elsa's voice was, Brody strode out. Elsa fell into despair at one point one. When she sensed the terrible shadow approaching, she jumped off the bed directly and wanted to chase after him, but before she could take a step forward, she was hugged by the man who strode over.

Noticing the strong arms around her waist, Elsa gave up struggling in despair. There was no fluctuation in her eyes. Her malicious and insidious eyes swept across Elsa's face. In his arms, Elsa smiled desperately and said, "Bob... Don't you just want me? You marry me, I marry you! "

The arm around Elsa's waist froze and Bob looked at Elsa in astonishment. Elsa's eyes were full of sadness. She looked up at him seriously and said word by word, "I know, in fact, I know that from the moment you raped me, you were not only afraid that I would expose you, but also greedy for my bod

not afraid, but she dared to irritate him so recklessly that Bob tore off Elsa's hospital gown in the next second, and Elsa's thin shirt was exposed. Elsa was so scared that she opened her eyes wide and looked at Bob. Her subordinates wanted to put on her clothes again, but before she came to her senses, her shirt was rudely torn off by Bob. Her fair skin was exposed. This time, the sound of discussion clearly came from the door.

"Shame on you..."

"You don't even want to break up with me..."

"What's so funny about it? Is it strange in the modern society?"

Although the voice outside the door was very low, it was clearly heard by Elsa and Bob. Elsa was indifferent, and there was no expression of begging for mercy on her stubborn face. However, her tense body betrayed her completely. Looking at her tensed body, she smiled complacently. "In fact, you don't have to sacrifice yourself. If you don't beg me anymore, I will really do it. You know clearly whether I'm capable or not! "

Elsa glared at Bob with anger. Then Bob slowly went downstairs. His lips kissed her skin, making an unusually loud sound. Although Elsa was angry because of shyness, she held back her anger. Seeing this, her black eyes became more and more dangerous. He bit her skin hard with his teeth. Elsa grimaced in pain, but she still had a face. Without a look of begging for mercy, the corners of her mouth curled up and she continued to kiss her body.

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