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   Chapter 230 (Part Three)

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With a triumphant smile, Melissa flaunted to Bob. When she raised her head abruptly, she saw the expression on her face. She was so shocked that she stood still. The excitement in her eyes didn't notice the change in Bob.

It was not until then that Bob remembered that Melissa had interrupted his thoughts by saying that she wanted to eat cake. Bob tried to connect his thoughts again. His black eyes slowly looked at Melissa, as if... They really looked like each other.

When Melissa was angry, she acted as if she was the same as Brody. He had just made an assumption: If Melissa was the child of Brody? Yes, at first he had figured it out, but the little guy made a mess and interrupted his thoughts.

Was Melissa his child? Hearing that, Bob was stunned for a while. What if Alston was the child of Brody? Alston should be the child of Brody! Bob couldn't believe it. And now, he didn't know whether it would be a good thing or a bad thing for him if the two children were really Brody's children!

Seeing that Bob was absent-minded, Melissa said impatiently, "The cake I want!"

When Bob came to his senses, he blurted out, "How old are you?"

Confused, Bob looked at Melissa and asked seriously," Tell me, how old are you?"

With a cold snort, Melissa turned her head and said, "You just don't want to buy me cake and drag me down. Are you afraid that I will use your money? Don't worry. My other father has a lot of money. He will pay you back! "

"Tell me, how old are you?" There was a hint of anger in Bob's tone.

Melissa raised her head and said calmly, "I'll tell you when I buy cake!" Melissa raised her head and talked about the condition of Bob.

The look on his face became colder and colder. Bob nodded and said, "Okay, I'll buy you one more!"

Hearing that, Melissa smiled happily and said without hesitation, "Melissa is three years old!"

"One year old?"

"False age? Humph... I'm not counted as a false age. If I live for three years, the other few months will be three years old! "

"You are two years old!"

"I don't care. I want to buy cakes!" Melissa said decisively and irresistibly, Looking at Melissa, Bob continued, "So does your brother?"

"You are so stupid. My brother and I are twins, of course!" Melissa looked at Bob with contempt.

Hearing this, Bob nodded, but he was still shocked

Yes, it was absolutely possible. The two children looked like Tracy, but he couldn't find anything similar to Ben on their faces. No wonder at the beginning, he felt so familiar with sometimes single behavior. It turned out that it was because of Brody.

"I want cake!" Melissa glared at Bob and said angrily. When she looked at him, her eyes were full of contempt. She was clearly saying that Bob didn't keep her promise.

Bob flashed in his eyes. He touched her head and coaxed, "Okay, but it's too far. You haven't eaten anything for such a long time.

ous and wanted to catch up with him, but Elsa pulled his sleeve and said, "Brother, it hurts... You accompany me... "

Brody turned around and pushed away Elsa's hand anxiously. "Elsa, have a rest first. I'll come back to accompany you when I have time!"

Elsa still held his hand tightly and said, "You just stay with me for a while. I swear that you can leave after a while. I don't want to see you again!"

Turning his head to look at Elsa, who was eagerly looking at Brody, he felt a little embarrassed. Elsa continued, "Just for a while, really!"

"Elsa, listen to me. I'll come to see you often in the future, but not now. I really have something to do!"

When Elsa saw the determined look on his face, she reluctantly let go of his hand. Brody looked at Elsa apologetically. He felt sorry for her, but he had no choice now.

Tracy was not that kind of quiet woman. Now that she had seen it, it was time to quarrel with him again!

"Okay, you go first!" Elsa looked at Brody with disappointment.

Brody nodded and walked out of the door, ignoring others. However, his figure happened to bump into the person. Elsa, who was sitting on the bed and staring at his back, was shocked when she saw the person. Her eyes were full of nervousness and fear.

Brody just raised his head and glanced at the person standing in front of him. Then he wanted to go out in silence.

"Brody..." Elsa said helplessly.

When Elsa saw that he stopped, a hint of joy appeared on her face. When she spoke for the second time, she subconsciously glanced at another person standing next to Brody.

"Brody, brother, take me home!" Elsa summoned up her courage and said. After she finished her words, she still glanced at the man standing next to Brody from the corner of her eyes ---- Bob!

At this moment, with a poker face, Elsa sensed the anger from Bob. He was angry, of course.... It was always his taboo that she wanted to leave!

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