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   Chapter 229 (Part Two)

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"What do you want to eat?"Bob asked impatiently.

Melissa's eyebrows immediately unfurled, and a smile appeared on her face. "I want to eat cream cake!"

"There is no cake in the early morning!"

"No. I want to eat! " Melissa insisted.

With a dark face, Bob said, "It's not good for your health!"

"How could you care about me? You locked me here and starved me for so long!" Melissa glared at Bob angrily. The implication was that you kidnapped me here. How could you care about me? If you really cared about me, how could you abuse me?

Looking at the righteous look on Melissa's face, Bob was speechless. It was indeed a child.

Seeing that Bob didn't say anything, Melissa became angrier and shouted, "You've gone too far!"

"Eat something else!" Bob said.

Melissa glared at him angrily and said, "You're lazy and stingy. You're not as good as dad. Sometimes dad is fierce and innocent, but he's not stingy at all to eat cake for Melissa.

Looking at the righteous and upright girl, Bob was even more speechless. Then Melissa continued, "Will you give it or not?"

"I told you that I didn't make cake in the morning."

"It's not early in the morning. You can go to the farthest one. When you go there, she has already gone to work!"

"How dare you disobey me?"

"You can't threaten me," Said Melissa defiantly, raising her head.

"……" Without answering, Bob just looked at Melissa expressionlessly. He really didn't know what was on the little boy's mind. Elsa was enough to give him a headache. Elsa would make trouble, but when she irritated him, he had all kinds of ways to subdue Elsa, but now... The little guy gave him a hard time, but he couldn't do anything to her.

"Are you going or not?" Melissa asked impatiently.

"I'll skin you alive and cramp you again!" When Bob finished his words, he couldn't help laughing. How could he say such a familiar sentence? As time went by, it was emphasized by Elsa. That woman...

It seemed that she only said this sentence for such a long time, and every time she threatened him aggressively.

"You can kill me, but Dad won't let you go."Said Melissa stubbornly, glaring at Bob.

"But your father doesn't love you. He only loves your brother. Otherwise, why does he turn a blind


Looking at Melissa helplessly, Melissa continued, "If you don't go, I will starve to death here. I won't let you go!"

After a short pause, Melissa continued, "Even if dad doesn't like purity, I still have a dad!"


With a cold snort, Melissa turned her head and didn't want to talk to Bob anymore. "Okay, I promise you. Tell me first, what did you say about the other father?"

"Tell me first. Do you want to buy a cake?"

"Okay, I'll buy it!"

"I want cream!" Melissa added.

"……" Bob's face darkened.

"I still think of dad. Don't tell mom. Dad doesn't allow me to tell anyone else!"

Looking at the mysterious Melissa, silent, Melissa said, "He is my godfather. He wants me to call him dad..."

"You can call me dad as you like!" Bob interrupted.

Melissa glared at him with displeasure and flaunted, "Humph. I'm not calling him that casually. He's really good to Melissa. He's much better than father. Father will only be harsh to Melissa. "

"Okay, then tell me, who is your godfather?"


Hearing that, Bob was stunned. He raised his head and looked at Melissa in shock? This name was like a thorn in his heart. He didn't want to offend Brody, because that man was really troublesome, but he seemed to have no way to escape. Good luck really made people suffer!

Looking at the absent-minded Bob, Melissa said happily, "My father is also famous. You must know him, huh. I'm going to live with my sworn father this time. I don't want to be with him! "

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