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   Chapter 227 (Part Three)

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"Why do you hit me?" Elsa cried hoarsely, gritting his sleeve.

Hearing this, Bob was stunned and looked at the shocking blood pool on the ground. In despair, Elsa cried and slowly loosened her grip on his clothes. Her soft body was about to fall. At this time, she was disheveled like a lunatic. Just as she was about to fall to the ground, Bob stretched out his long arm to hold Elsa in her arms and threw her on the bed.

After being thrown on the bed, Elsa didn't get up again. Her shaking body proved that she was still sobbing sadly. Then she was pulled up from the bed by Bob and glared at her fiercely. "Don't challenge my bottom line. I've always said that the one and the other are."

Elsa didn't say anything. Her weak body trembled helplessly. At last, Bob threw Elsa on the bed and strode out of the ward.

Half an hour had passed.

Brody bent over and put the clothes on Tracy. He peremptorily tucked her slender arms into his wide sleeves, and then seriously stared at Tracy's face and said seriously, "Tracy, don't run alone later. Follow me closely and hold my hand."

Tracy's face was still cold. She didn't answer. Seeing this, Brody was even more anxious. "Tracy. Melissa and Alston are waiting for you! " Tracy was stunned for a while before she nodded at Brody stiffly. With a smile, he caressed her face and said in a low voice, "Trust me. Everything will be fine!"

Tracy didn't say anything, and the look in Brody's eyes instantly became vigilant. He took Tracy's hand and ran outside. While running, he tried his best to protect Tracy in his arms. At this moment, Tracy's brain was blank, and she could only run with him desperately. She seemed to hear the gunshot, and the sound of bullets piercing through the tree trunk was clear. Tracy was exhausted. She wanted to stop, but before she could do itBefore she could react, he shouted over her head, "Don't stop."

Tracy was startled. She stumbled on the grass all of a sudden and was about to fall to the ground. However, before Brody could lift Tracy up, he sensed the danger behind him.

In the darkness, more than ten meters away, a black muzzle was aimed at Tracy. His heart beat violently. When the gunshots behind him rang out and Tracy was sentenced to death, Brody suddenly pressed her directly on the ground.

"Ah --" Tracy screamed. She felt a sharp pain in her body, and the heavy object on her body made her unable to breathe. Frowning, a touch of cruelty appeared in his eyes.

Tracy pushed Brody away and said in a low voice, "Brody. It hurts. Get up first... "

Her soft voice touched Brody. He froze for a moment, then gritted his teeth and moved aside. When Tracy was about to stand up, she felt that some liquid fell on her hand. Tr

anted to see the old woman for the last time in the wine tasting competition, but you tied me up. She died later! "

Brody's face suddenly turned pale, while Tracy's face was still cold. "If you can bring the old woman back to life, I will go back with you. Don't ever think about it! " After saying that, Tracy stood up decisively. She was different from him. She still remembered that she was alive. Now it was the time for them to escape.

He didn't want to die, but she wanted to live on.

It was not until Tracy struggled to get rid of Brody's hand that he realized what had happened. In a short moment, his eyes became cold and bloodthirsty. When he heard the leaves rustling in the forest, his face changed. He quickly sat up and protected Tracy in his arms. The silenced gun in his hand pulled the trigger without hesitation. Soon, three people fell down only two meters away from them.

It happened too suddenly. When Tracy came to herself from the astonishment, she was still hiding in the arms of Brody. When he patted her on the back tightly, he coaxed, "It's all right. Stupid woman, do you know you will die at any time if you act so rashly? "

It took Tracy a long time to react. She looked at Brody in shock and muttered, "You did it on purpose..."

"I said I wouldn't let anything happen to you."

"Then you bet my life!" Tracy shouted angrily.

He actually used this method to lure the enemy out, and he, lying on the ground, was leisurely recalling the past. He had already begun to use tricks, but he was not wholeheartedly. The killer was so close to them. What if they were not careful?

"Tracy, you can't trust me. Can I protect you well?" Brody suddenly stared at Tracy's face and snapped.

Tracy stared at him in a daze. Her mind went blank. She didn't even know what she wanted to say.

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