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   Chapter 223 (Part Two)

The Devil's Lure By Xi Ying Characters: 7349

Updated: 2020-05-18 00:13

She had left for four years, and he always regretted. What made him feel that fate was playing tricks on people was that the death of Juliet was clearly seen by Ray. Ray told him at that time, and he saw Juliet was pushed down the stairs. It was raining that day, and he ran out. Later, he had a high fever and his throat was burnt, so he couldn't speak.

Later, if it weren't for Alice, he wouldn't have cured Ray's hoarse voice!

Six years ago, he sometimes missed Juliet, thinking of her every smile and frown. But after Tracy left, his mind was occupied by Tracy. Her tears, her smile, her stubbornness, her anger towards him, and her uncontrollable appearance appeared in his mind.

Tracy didn't say anything more, and so did Brody. He breathed a sigh of relief and coaxed, "Wait for me here now..." Tracy still didn't say a word. Brody wanted to leave, but when he saw that Tracy didn't say a word, he couldn't help but worry. He sighed and said angrily, "Forget it. I'm really worried about leaving you alone here and accompanying the two dead people. Later, listen to me and follow me closely. Bob is not a person who will let it go easily. Many things are his extreme ideas. So he might want to kill us to keep his mouth shut! "

Raising her head, she saw the seriousness in Tracy's eyes. Before she could say anything, he saw the stubbornness in her eyes. Brody scolded in a low voice, "No, you can't be disobedient!"

Without saying a word, Tracy moved to the corner of the wall. Looking at her helplessly, Brody asked, "What are you afraid of?" Tracy stared at him and said, "I just don't want to be with you." Brody snapped, "What's wrong?"

Before Tracy could react, Brody pulled her into his arms and put on his clothes. He held her in his arms and walked to the door. He stopped and his black eyes were full of solemnness. "Tracy. Don't lose your temper when we go out later. The mountain road is too narrow, so we can't drive at all. We need to walk about two miles. We may encounter danger when we go out later... "

"How do you know you will be in danger?" Tracy glared at Brody angrily, and a smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. "My intuition!"

Then, when Trac

ears, but had he ever thought about it. Baby. No, sadly, he didn't know the baby at all.

In order to give the two children a better life, she had no choice but to do so, even if she had to risk her life. But what about him? As a father. He knew nothing! He even thought that Melissa and Alston were the children of her and Ben, who had an affair.

Brody looked at Tracy helplessly. He softened his expression and said patiently, "Tracy, don't say anything. This is not a place for quarrels. When we get home, you hit and scold me!"

Tracy pushed him away, "My life or death has nothing to do with you!"

Seeing that Tracy was angry, Brody was a little panic and coaxed, "Well, I won't say it anymore. It's my fault!" He stepped forward and forced her against the tree trunk to stop her from struggling. Tracy glared at him angrily.

Brody continued to persuade her in a low voice, "Tracy, I mean, the person who wants to kill you is not Bob!" Tracy immediately stopped struggling and looked at Brody in a daze? How could it be possible?

"You have a special use for Bob. It's impossible for him to get rid of you so soon!" Tracy glared at Brody. Sometimes he said that Bob wouldn't let them go, that she wouldn't let them live, and that he would kill them. Sometimes he said that the person who wanted to kill her was not dear hatred at all. Brody, which of his words was true? Or did he think that she was really a fool to let him play around with her.

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