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   Chapter 221 (Part Three)

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Tracy paused. There was no expression on his face, but a trace of panic and fear flashed through his deep black eyes. Brody had told her that sometimes he couldn't figure out what was on Tracy's mind, and he couldn't even keep up with her. How strange this woman was, but she was reasonable.

Staring at his face, Tracy said coldly word by word, "Killing you will only dirty my hands, not to mention that you have died once, right? I've told you that all our grudges are gone. If I kill you again, I can't imagine how long your shamelessness will last. The way I take revenge on you has never been on you. You've thought you were smart from the beginning. You're wrong! "

Brody was stunned and looked at Tracy nervously. Tracy continued to say word by word, "many years ago, you made me unbearable. If you continue to badger me, I will make your life worse than death!"

Looking at her resolute eyes, Brody said bitterly, "Tracy, you're wrong. When you are in great pain, it's time for me to die! "

Tracy stared at him with her resolute eyes. It seemed that she didn't listen to Brody at all, or that she didn't want to listen to him at all. She continued, "If you keep pestering me, I won't let you suffer. I will let your family die miserably in front of you, and you can only watch your family -- your sister Wendy is the first target. You died miserably, but you were helpless and at a loss. "

"You..." Brody was shocked, but then he couldn't say anything. He clenched his fists, and his livid face seemed to tear up Tracy. However, Tracy was still staring at him with determination, without any fear in her eyes.

"How dare you threaten me with my family?" Brody narrowed his dangerous eyes.

Tracy stared at him without fear. She didn't say anything and just watched the play. Seeing that he was about to tremble with anger, Brody suddenly grabbed Tracy's collar and said angrily, "Tracy, I tell you that no one dares to threaten me with my family, not to mention to hurt a hair of my family. If you have the guts, just have a try!"

Tracy's heart ached. She stared at his face with determination and said word by word, "Then have a try!"

Brody clenched her clothes as if he was going to crush her. When they looked at each other angrily, there was a noise at the door. They were almost shocked at the same time and looked at the do

s not that I'm cruel and merciless. It's that they have crossed my bottom line. What's more, you are not much more merciful than me. I just want you to see some blood."

Tracy stared at Brody in disbelief. He just killed them so easily.

"Bastard. I was going to let them go! " Tracy was so angry that she punched hard on his chest. But Brody didn't move at all.

Tracy finally stopped when she was tired. Then, Brody lifted her up in his arms.

"Let me go..." Tracy screamed and struggled violently in Brody's arms.

"Stop it. Unusual period... " Brody pretended to be angry and glared at Tracy.

Tracy had been mad at him for four years. He was still so calm as if nothing had happened.

"It's none of your business whether I kill them or not? Brody, you are not a human! " Tracy went mad and shouted at Brody.

When Brody walked to the door, he stopped and couldn't resist Tracy's struggle. He put Tracy down and stared at Tracy angrily, "What else do you want?"

Tracy glared at Brody angrily, and then continued to say, "Tracy, do you know that Bob is a desperado? Do you know what will happen to you if you go against him? It's easy to hide an arrow but hard to guard against an open gun, and Bob is such a person who is good at shooting arrows. Do you know what I have done to save you? You are my wife, Tracy. I should protect you, but. Elsa grew up with me. She is as important as Wendy in my heart. Do you know how it feels to be pointed at by the person I love most? Or do you know how I feel when I personally send my sister to the altar? "

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