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   Chapter 220 (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-05-17 00:14

Brody was completely stunned -- because what Tracy said was what he said, but they just got married and there were misunderstandings!

Tracy stared at Brody with hatred. She stood up slowly and threw his clothes on the ground. She tidied up her broken clothes and walked towards Brody, shivering, ignoring his pale face.

"Are you crazy?" When he came to his senses, Brody shouted at Tracy.

Then he quickly stood up and hugged Tracy from behind. He angrily whispered in her ear, "Are you going out like this?"

Tracy smiled bitterly and stared at the warehouse with dull eyes. She sneered in front of the dark, "What's wrong? Do you think I'm humiliating you? Or do you think I should still have my dignity? "

Brody's heart ached, and Tracy began to struggle violently in his arms. He had no choice but to shout at her angrily, "Tracy -"

Tracy was frightened by his angry voice, just like four years ago. But soon, her face turned cold again. At this time, Tracy's body was too weak to lift a little. She gave up struggling and let him hold her weak body.

Brody hugged her more tightly and said, "Tracy, listen to me. Don't make trouble with me, okay? Let's go home. No matter you will come back or not. Don't push me, okay? "

He said seriously in her ear. Did she know how dangerous it was outside? Bob had always been a revengeful man. Just now, he shot her and threatened him with Elsa. He was not stupid to think that she was a gentleman and would not bear grudges!

But... But now, Tracy was so stubborn. He could do nothing about it!

Taking a deep breath, Tracy pushed his arm in disgust and said, "It's about my life. Do you think I'm messing with you? Why do you think I'm messing with you so confidently? I'll go home with you after that! "

Brody was speechless. She was wrong. He didn't have confidence. He had never been confident in front of her. In the business world, he could be decisive and have a strategy, but he was decisive and determined, and he was sure of it. But when facing her, he not only didn't have confidence, but also panic. He was afraid of losing her. Th

red at his words. Seeing that Tracy didn't say anything but just stared at his gun, Brody couldn't help but raise his lips and said, "If you have to hesitate any longer, I won't give you a chance to take revenge myself!"

With a sneer, Tracy pushed away Brody's gun and said, "Don't flatter yourself!"

The smile at the corners of Brody's mouth froze, and his face darkened, but he couldn't lose his temper. He coldly glanced at the two people who were about to disappear at the door. He raised his gun and pulled the trigger without hesitation. The gun accurately pierced through the man's feet again! Tracy suddenly turned around and glared at Brody with a murderous look. "Don't worry. I won't die. I feel so happy to avenge myself. How can I not give my baby this opportunity?"

Flames of fury were about to spurt out of Tracy's eyes. She glared at Brody's complacent face and roared angrily, "Brody, don't make me sick. Don't sympathize with me. I don't care!"

The corners of Brody's mouth froze again, and his sharp eyes became more and more terrifying. Tracy stared at him without fear and said ruthlessly, "Brody, I'm no longer the unarmed lamb that was slaughtered by you many years ago. If you provoke me again..."

"Kill me?" Brody interrupted Tracy coldly.

Staring at his face with a sneer, Tracy continued, "No. Let me tell you, you are wrong. If you dare to provoke me again... "

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