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   Chapter 216 (Part One)

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Tracy stared at the fat man and sneered, "I'm not as stupid as you. How could I bring a gem with me before I figure out the background of the other party?"

She didn't have a gem at all. Even if Ben had a gem, he wouldn't have taken it with him. If she had, she would have been tied here without any resistance. In that case, they would easily grab it without trading her gem. Bob was a demon who killed people without a blink of an eye. After getting the gem, they would kill Melissa. It was not impossible, and Bob and murder were always unscrupulous!

The two men looked at each other and nodded. "You're right!"

One of the men said. Tracy finally breathed a sigh of relief. Now they wouldn't do anything to her. At least she had time to think of a way to escape. In the past four years, she had experienced such a thing. In fact, every time after she had a narrow escape, she could always get out of danger. Tracy remembered that there was once a person who said that once a person's will was determined. She had learned to survive in adversity, and she wouldn't give up even if she had the slightest hope!

"I'm just a weak woman. I can't run away at all. You release me first!" All of a sudden, Tracy said in a cold voice. The fatty turned his head to look at Tracy with disdain and said coldly, "we don't dare to hurt you for the time being. Do you really think we are fools? Let alone you, even if it's a child, we don't dare to let it go now! "

The two men, who were standing aside, glanced at Tracy and said coldly, "Cut the crap. Wait a little longer. If we can't wait for our boss tomorrow night, this woman will be at our disposal!"

"Are you crazy? It's really stupid to touch this woman! " The fatty said in fear.

"Lose your head? How could he stand her up like this. How much did Bob do to us? Every time he asked us to kidnap him, you finally saw him? We ended up with a few people tied up in vain and almost lost our lives."

"Also rightness, he is to let us tie up this woman first here, the last other people come not to return perhaps but this behavior also really enough strange, you say, kidnap a person,

s wrong with you? You have said that you won't sleep anymore. You have to accompany me to be clear. Your words don't count! "

Elsa closed her eyes and stretched out her arms weakly. But before she touched her face, her arms drooped feebly. Seeing that she was crying more fiercely, Melissa shook her body in panic and said, "Sister. Are you sick like Melissa? At first, Melissa didn't want to open her eyes, but she didn't feel so uncomfortable after taking the medicine. Do you want to take the medicine? "

Melissa took the medicine bottle from the bedside table to her hand, and then took out two capsules. Elsa opened her mouth and wanted to speak, but her throat seemed to crack. She couldn't say a word at all. She pretended to be an adult and said, "Sister, I know you must be painful and uncomfortable. I give you medicine, and you won't feel uncomfortable after taking it..." Then Melissa put the cold capsules she took out on Elsa's lips. Elsa's tears welled up again. She tried her best to speak in a hoarse voice, "Sister. No. . . Well, I will. She took the medicine. Medicine. Only in this way can I recover. "

"No, Melissa. I'll eat more!" Melissa stubbornly put the capsules back on Elsa's lips. Elsa wanted to say something, but she was too tired, so she opened her mouth and swallowed the medicine. Melissa looked at Elsa and said happily, "Sister, do you want to drink water? I'll get you some water! "

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