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   Chapter 212 (Part Three)

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Hearing that, a smile appeared on the bottom of his heart. Bob covered the quilt for Melissa and lifted it. Looking at Bob, Melissa said, "Many people are good to Melissa. It's just that dad will be fierce to her!"

With a smile, Bob could only patiently coax the little girl. He didn't have much time to play with the little boy now, because he had something more important to do. Elsa was a cunning girl. Now he was coaxing the little girl here, and it was possible for her to escape.

"Good girl, go to bed first!" Bob covered the quilt again. It seemed that Melissa was too lonely, or that she was not a quiet girl innately, so she didn't let Bob go. She held her little hand tightly and said, "No, I want to listen to stories. I will tell stories to you every day. I'm so smart. There are many stories in his mind!" At the thought of the drugstore not far away, he became more and more anxious before Elsa came back. Helpless, Bob stared at Melissa with a cold face and said, "Go to bed!"

Seeing that Bob's face changed, Melissa immediately withdrew her hand from the quilt, as if she was about to cry. "You are as fierce as father. I want my brother..."

At the thought of this, Bob stood up in a hurry and said to Melissa again, "Melissa, don't run around. You will see my brother when you wake up!"

Hearing that, Melissa looked at Bob with doubt, speechless. He didn't expect that the child was so suspicious. Seeing that Melissa closed her eyes obediently, he strode out of the room and locked the door. Bob really regretted that he should buy the medicine by himself, not that cunning girl!

Because of the special residence of the house, Elsa ran for a long time before she figured out the direction. When she went out, the first thing she wanted to do was to make a phone call. There were many passers-by on the road with their mobile phones, and she tried to borrow them, but they looked at her fiercely and forced her back. She smiled bitterly. She was like a phoenix in trouble now!

Besides, she is now disheveled, all dirty, people will look at her as a beggar, how can I borrow her cell phone, she thought of using a public phone, but she turned several times did not find a public phone booth, now people are information, how can there be public phone in the high-tech era?

At last, Elsa walked to a small alley. When she saw a convenience store, she walked in without hesitation. As soon as she entered, the smile on the woman's face disappeared, but she turned to be suspicious and angry.

Elsa smiled bitterly. This woman must have regarded her as a bagger. She thought that if she was not a girl, this woman would have driven her out of the door now. Elsa walked over to the middle-aged woman and looked at her pitifully. She said politely, "Aunt, do you have a phone number here?"

The middle-aged woman's face darkened and nodded reluctantly, "Yes! But you have to pay the bill first. The telephone charge here is fixed. One dollar per minute! " Elsa was stunned and her face changed. One yuan? In the past, it was not a problem for her to pay one

sounded very gentle, but it almost made Elsa lose her soul. Her face gradually turned paler.

"What's wrong?"

Elsa was so scared that she didn't have any reaction. Her whole body was as cold as ice.

Seeing that Elsa didn't say anything, Bob held her hand and was about to leave. But the woman didn't see clearly what was going on. She shouted, "Hey, you haven't given me the money yet."

Elsa turned to the aggressive woman and said, "I don't have money."

The woman's face changed dramatically as she heard this. She roared angrily, "Oh, you don't have money. It's easy to bully an old woman who lied to me, right?"

Elsa followed him, embarrassed. Bob turned around and threw the money on the counter expressionlessly. This time, he reported Elsa regardless of the occasion.

"Let me go..." Elsa struggled angrily. Tears streamed down her face. Bob walked to a remote corner and put down Elsa who was struggling randomly. Elsa was about to run away. Bob directly blocked her way.

"What are you doing?" Not to be outdone, Elsa glared at Bob.

The look on his face became more and more terrible. Bob stared at Elsa's face, as if he was going to poke her into ash. Seeing his cold expression, Elsa shivered subconsciously, but she still stared at him stubbornly.

"How dare you defy me?" Bob squinted his eyes dangerously and forced her to the wall, Elsa raised her eyes and stared at him stubbornly, "I haven't talked to my brother for a long time. I just miss him. What's wrong?"

Seeing that she was so confident, Bob became more and more angry. He suddenly took out his phone and put it in front of her. "Call again now!"

Elsa looked at him in astonishment. It was not until she saw the viciousness in the eyes of Bob that she realized what had happened. But when she realized it, she ran away without hesitation. Soon, her body was pulled back again. Looking at the terrible face of Bob, Elsa was extremely nervous.

She looked at him in fear and said, "Bob, what on earth do you want?"

"Tell your brother where you are!"

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