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   Chapter 211 (Part Two)

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Elsa was so anxious that she almost went crazy. She grabbed his clothes helplessly and cried more and more loudly, "Bob... What I said is true... It's possible that a child's brain will be damaged by a fever. She's just a child. How can you be so cruel? "

"It's just a life. Do you really think of me as a Bodhisattva?" Elsa looked up at him and said indifferently, "If you don't let me out today, I will die here!"

Hearing that, Bob was stunned for a moment. A strange look flashed through his eyes. He suddenly pinched her chin and said dangerously, "Die? Do you have the chance? " Elsa smiled sadly and said, "In your eyes, how many ways do you think you can die? Or do you mean that the way you kill people is always the same, repeated use? Do you believe that I will kill myself now? "

With a determined look on Bob's face, Elsa pinched her chin harder and harder. Bob frowned in pain, stared at her face and said coldly, "You are so naive?"

Not to be outdone, Elsa said, "Do you think you will kill me? Do you know how I killed people before? " With a cold face, Bob stared at his face with unfathomable eyes. With a bitter smile, Elsa stared at the "copper wire" on his sleeve, which was originally used as an ornament.

Noticing her gaze, Bob looked at her sleeve subconsciously and Elsa said coldly, "Do you know the thing on your sleeve now? When you are sleeping with me... "

Elsa sneered. Sleep? It was he who was stronger. Violent!

"I can end my life directly." "It turns out that the daughter of the XS Group family also likes to kill people. That's good. We are a perfect match!" Elsa was so angry that she gritted her teeth and said, "Bah. Who is a perfect match for you! "

Bob released his big hand angrily and pinched her neck instead. This damn woman dared to challenge his bottom line like this. She really didn't want to live!

Elsa smiled complacently, "If I provoke you again, I can die at your hands!"

It took a while for Bob to realize that his eyes were filled with surprise. Then Elsa smiled and said, "I want to die, but no one can stop me! Besides, I suddenly think o

he was immediately carried back to the bed by Bob. Bob glared at her and threatened, "Don't move. Sleep on the bed! "

Melissa was disobedient, and her stubborn eyes were still staring at Bob. "Mom said that everything has a cause and effect, and no one would kill anyone casually, not to mention a child, unless that is a madman! A lunatic without reason and conscience! " Melissa stared at Bob and said all of a sudden. She couldn't understand what she meant, but when she listened carefully, she found that the child seemed to have something in his words, and her words seemed to be said to him on purpose. She looked down at her stubborn face and smiled. He didn't even notice his own smile. "Little guy, did you say that? Why did your mother say that?"

"I don't understand. My mother taught me this. She said that if a person was kind to you and reasonable, he wouldn't kill me for no reason!" Bob was speechless. He just took her words as a game between children.

He lowered his head and pushed the little guy down on the bed. "Be good. Go to bed first!"

Seeing that his face softened, Melissa stopped being stubborn and lay on the bed. With a smile, she touched her face and said, "good girl, close your eyes!"

With a smile, Melissa closed her eyes and said, "That's how Dad let Melissa sleep. But dad is too fierce. If he doesn't close his eyes, he will be fierce. Melissa is so aggrieved."

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