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   Chapter 209 (Part Three)

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The two people on the bed cried hysterically. With a frown, Bob irritably stared at the two people on the bed.

This was the woman. In the end, Bob couldn't help but shout, "Don't cry. If anyone dares to cry, I will kill him. Don't think that I can't do it."

Hearing this, Elsa, who knew the character of Bob, immediately shut her mouth. Melissa didn't stop crying. A few seconds later, she seemed to realize that there was something wrong with her anger. Finally, she stopped crying and secretly looked at the face of Bob. When she saw the gloomy face of Bob, she was frightened and shrank a little. Her mother was not terrible when she was angry, but she had seen that her father was so angry that she dared not to speak even if he frowned. Now this man seemed to be much more terrible than her father.

Elsa couldn't help but look at Melissa curiously and asked, "Who are you?"

Melissa glared at her and asked impolitely, "Who are you?"

Elsa couldn't say a word. No, or perhaps it was because of shock. As an adult, she was scared when she saw Bob, but this little guy didn't seem to be like that. She seemed to be here for fun, yes, for fun!

Melissa blinked and looked at Elsa. Seeing the scene in front of her, Bob finally retreated silently. As soon as Elsa saw Bob leave, she pinched Melissa's shoulder and asked, "Hey, who are you? And why is your face so familiar?"

Looking at Melissa's face, Elsa was lost in thought. She seemed to have seen this face, but it was clear that she was just a child. How could she have seen it?

Melissa glared at her unhappily and said, "Mom said that I can't tell strangers' names casually, but I can tell you that my name is Melissa!"

Elsa smiled helplessly and said, "I didn't expect you to be so smart!"

Melissa glared at her and said unhappily, "It's all my mother's fault. Praise my mother!"

Elsa was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. She had never seen such a cute child before!

She pinched her lovely little face and continued to ask, "Then who is your mother?"

Melissa still stared at her with contempt and said, "You are really stupid!"

Elsa glared at Melissa angrily, "I'm not stupid."

"Mom asked me not to tell a stranger her name. How could I tell a stranger her name?"

Elsa was speechless. But why did that bastard bring her a child?

"Then tell me, why are you here? Who was that uncle to you just now?" This time, Elsa showed her respect and said, "That uncle!"

Melissa stared at him and said, "He's a bad guy. I have nothing to do with him. I was caught by him!"

Elsa was speechless. She looked at Melissa confusedly and asked, "Then why are you here?"

Elsa glared at Melissa and said, "It's none of your business!" After saying that, Elsa's expression became desolate and resentful. She thought he had let him off the hook, that what she

was suppressed by the arrival of Bob. Looking at the tall figure standing at the door, Elsa shivered with fear.

"You... But.... She... "

Looking at the terrible face of Bob, Elsa stammered. Without saying anything, Bob looked at Elsa expressionlessly. Only a glance of indifference was enough to frighten her into silence.

After a long time, Elsa plucked up the courage and said, "I want to go out for a while..."

"No way..."

Elsa looked at him in fear, cursing in her heart how stupid the little guy was. Just when she was at a loss, Melissa, who was lying on the bed, suddenly burst into tears. She frowned and looked at the rolling on the bed. Her eyes almost lit up. She looked at him nervously and said, "My belly hurts. She is just a child. Let me out. Can you buy her some medicine?"


Seeing that, Elsa began to worry. Could she see through her trick at once? Elsa turned her body slowly to look at Melissa. At this time, Melissa was crying and rolling. Elsa was almost happy to dance. She didn't expect that the little guy was good at acting.

Then Bob turned to look at Elsa. Elsa tried her best to pretend to be pitiful. After a long time, Bob said slowly, "Your trick is too weak!"

Elsa cried out in a hurry, tears streaming down her face. She raised her eyes and looked at Bob sadly and desperately. "Bob, it doesn't matter how you treat me, but Melissa is just a child. Can't you let her go?"

Elsa looked at Bob with a serious look. Her sad eyes were usually fake, and she was always sad for herself. Unable to escape from his control, Elsa continued to speak pitifully, "Bob. I didn't do anything wrong from the beginning. I just bumped into you by accident and you said that I had offended you, but... Why don't you kill me? Just like other women, if you are tired of them, just kill them directly! "

This time, Elsa really cried without any acting.

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