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   Chapter 208 (Part Two)

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Clenching Tracy's hand a little tighter, Ben said in a hoarse voice behind her, "Tracy, your father was the only person who knew how to make gems. He was useful for Bob at that time, so he couldn't have killed your father so easily!"

Tracy was shocked. She didn't look at Ben, but at Bob. She wanted to prove to him that Bob had seen through Tracy's mind. He didn't intend to beat around the bush. He simply said, "Your father committed suicide. The result is obvious!"

Tracy took a step back. Suicide? Did she really commit suicide? It was not because the gem was late, but... Why did he do that? Why?

Ben cut in, "As you said, her father is the only one who knows how to make gemstones, so I didn't get the result at all. All I can do is to give you two gemstones and you can study them by yourself!"

After staring at Ben for a few seconds, Bob didn't say anything. Instead, Ben held Tracy's body and said to her, "Let's go!"

"No --" Tracy stood up excitedly and tried to stop him.

With the gun barrel against her forehead, Bob looked at Tracy threateningly. Tracy collapsed in Ben's arms in despair and looked at Melissa helplessly. Melissa. Sorry.

She had no choice but to take the risk!

"Ben, wait for my notice!" Then Bob turned around and went downstairs.

Before Bob could reach the stairs, a small figure rushed out of another room. "Let go of my sister..." Alston said, tugging at Bob's leg.

Tracy was so frightened that she almost stopped breathing. She looked at Alston nervously and was about to step forward. Ben pulled her back and said, "Calm down, Tracy!" Tracy kept struggling in the arms of Ben. She had put Melissa in danger. She couldn't put her little Alston in danger!

"Let go of my sister..." Alston said, tugging at Bob's trouser legs.

With a frown, Bob lowered her head to look at the little Alston who was pulling his trouser legs. Tracy was even more nervous to look at Bob. Her sanity and nerves were about to collapse, while Ben held Tracy tightly to prevent her from going forward. Just when Tracy was at a loss what to do in a hurry and fell into despair, Bob suddenly shook off the little boy and fell

a turned her head and stared at him angrily. "Let go of me..."

With a cruel smile, Bob stared at Elsa and said coldly, "Do you really think you can run away? Or do you think you haven't received enough punishment these days? "

Seeing this, Elsa shrank with fear, but her eyes were still staring at Bob. Bob picked Elsa up and threw her back to the bed. Elsa sat up stubbornly again, glared at him and said firmly, "One day I will leave here. Wait for me. I will ask my brother, brother Brody to skin you and cramp you!"

"I believe you can do it, but. What you want to do is to think about your own situation first. Don't forget that you are now my prisoner! "

Enduring the pain from her chin, Elsa raised her eyes and fiercely stared at Bob, who was expressionless. After staring at her twisted face for a few seconds, Elsa suddenly burst into tears.

"Wow. Let go of me. I want to go home... " Elsa burst into tears in despair. Seeing this, Bob frowned irritably, and cried even louder.

Bob let go of her chin and Elsa cried. Bob shouted in anger "Don't cry!"

Seeing this, Melissa, who was sitting on the bed, suddenly cried. Elsa, who was in great pain, was a little shocked, but she didn't listen to him and kept crying.

"Wow. Let me go home. Let me go home... " Elsa burst into tears and began to roll on the stage. At this time, Melissa cried even more loudly, "Let me go back. I'm looking for mom and brother... "

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