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   Chapter 205 (Part Two)

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Brody didn't say a word. He tried his best to hold back his anger. Seeing this, Tracy became more anxious. "Get out of my way!"

Although Tracy's hysterical scream didn't work, Brody, who was inside, finally sensed that something was wrong. Alston ran over with a pile of gems in his arms and looked at Tracy with grievance. "Mom, don't be angry. Sister must like gems. I'll give it to her. "

Lowering her head, Tracy glared at little Alston and said angrily, "Didn't mom tell you not to take anything from others casually?" She was going crazy with anger. This bastard! Could he be more despicable? How could he bribe a child!

Looking at Tracy's angry face, Alston was a little scared, but he didn't want to hold the gem tighter. Because some of the gemstones were irregular polygonal, some were circular, and because he had held too many gemstones, some of them were about to fall to the ground. Tracy was afraid that they would be piled up. Seeing this, she was even more furious. Without thinking, she shouted at Alston, "Put it back and go home!"

Alston trembled with fear, and the gem in his arms fell to the ground with a crisp sound.

"Wow..." Alston could do nothing but watch the gemstones rolling on the ground one by one and burst into tears. Seeing this, Brody immediately bent down to pick up the gemstones on the ground and handed them to him. He comforted, "Don't cry, Alston. It's okay. These gemstones are not so easy to break!"

Although Brody began to coax little Alston, he still kept crying. Seeing this, Tracy's heart ached fiercely, and her face softened. This time, she felt more distressed. She squatted down, took out the gem from little Alston's arms, and put 11 of them on the ground.

Perhaps because of the first gem, the second gem of the fall, Alston of the whole person disorderly up. He could do nothing but watch Tracy put all the gemstones on the ground. Instead, he looked at Tracy in a daze. Seeing this, Brody directly grasped the back of Tracy's hand and said, "Tracy..."

"Let me go," Said Tracy in a cold and sad voice.

Instead of letting go of his hand, Brody tightened his grip and said, "Don't do this. You will leave a shadow on the child!"

Tracy felt a sharp pain in her heart. She

t out of the way, I'll light this villa. We'll die here together!"

Brody was shocked by Tracy's words. He looked at Tracy nervously and uneasily. Tracy sneered, "Don't push me too hard!"

Brody smiled bitterly, "You know I won't let anything happen to you again!"

Staring at Brody's eyes, Tracy warned him, "Brody, I warn you not to touch my child again. Otherwise... Let's die together! "

Brody became more shocked. He clearly saw the determination in Tracy's eyes, and his face turned paler. After a long time, he said bitterly, "Forget it. You can leave now! "

Four years had passed, and Tracy had really changed. She seemed to have become more extreme than four years ago, which made him even more afraid to provoke her. Alston afraid of hiding in the arms of the Tracy did look at Brody, his eyes blinking: "Uncle, why do you quarrel?"

Both of them were stunned for a while. Tracy held back her tears and held little Alston tighter. "Little Alston, don't ask about adults. Do you want gemstones?"

However, Tracy was even more furious when she heard what he said. This time, she suppressed her anger and left with little Alston in her arms. Little Alston couldn't help but cry again.

"No... Mom don't like little Alston. Mom don't like little Alston. Boo... Hoo... "

Tracy quickened her pace, and the crying of little Alston became more and more heart wrenching. When Tracy was about to stop, she heard a roar from behind, "Tracy, you are too cruel. He is just a child!"

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