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   Chapter 204 (Part One)

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Staring at Brody with hatred in her eyes, Tracy said decisively, "Maybe you should have forgotten all these things, but I haven't. I haven't forgotten them for even a second!"

Brody's face became paler and paler, and his eyes were filled with regret. He didn't say anything, and neither did Tracy. The atmosphere became quiet, so quiet that the sound of their breaths could be heard.

After a long time, Brody suddenly stepped forward and pulled Tracy into his arms regardless of her resistance. "Then tell me, what on earth do you want?" Tracy didn't struggle. Her face was full of determination, but she didn't struggle. Brody thought her excitement had calmed down, so she didn't hate him so much. But he was wrong.

Tracy let him hold her in his arms and said quietly, "Brody, I told you that day that our grudge was completely erased. I hate you, and I always hate you. I once told myself that if I saw you again, I would definitely kill you mercilessly. I did it that day. I had told you clearly that if you died, we would have nothing to do with each other. If you survive, we will forgive you... " Taking a deep breath, Tracy continued, "I don't want to hate you anymore. I'm too tired, so let go of me. I want to go home!"

"Don't be so heartless..." Brody held her tightly in his arms and said in a low voice. He didn't even dare to scold her!

Tracy pushed him away slowly, stared at his face and said word by word, "Am I heartless now? I just want to live a peaceful life by myself! " Brody also stared at Tracy's face motionlessly. He sneered, "From the day you become my woman, you are destined to be unable to live a peaceful life!"

Tracy's heart trembled violently because of his words. She clenched her fists subconsciously and tried her best to hold back her excitement. She looked at him calmly and said, "Brody, we are both adults. It's meaningless to do so, isn't it? So... Don't bother me again! "

This time, after saying that, Tracy opened the door and walked out directly. However, as soon as she went out, she froze and her face was full of shock.

"Mom..." The two of them, who were standing at the door, suddenly looked at her and said. .

Tracy's hear

It was handed over by Brody. Looking at the glittering gem, Alston said greedily, "No... Uncle, it's not enough. You have so many, and I want... I won't go to the amusement park tomorrow. Can I change it with you? Give me the gemstone... "

Alston struggled hard in Tracy's arms. Seeing this, Tracy's face changed. If he didn't leave, maybe Brody would have some dirty ideas! Tracy made up her mind and walked away directly. However, Alston cried out, "No. I want gemstones. Mom... "

Hearing his words, Tracy had no choice but to stand still and put down her son. When she was about to persuade her son patiently, the little Alston rushed into the bedroom with a gem in his hand. Tracy was frightened and wanted to catch up with him to pull Alston back, but her path was blocked.

"Brody, if you don't want to die, get out of my way!" Tracy yelled at Brody anxiously and angrily, Her voice startled little Alston, who was playing with all kinds of gemstones in the room. Little Alston held the head of the gemstone in his hand and said without looking back, "Mom, don't be angry. Uncle gives me the gemstone..."

Hearing this, Tracy became more and more anxious. She reached out her hand and angrily pushed him away from her chest, but until she exerted all her strength, Brody still stood there, as hard as a stone. Tracy was so angry that her face turned pale. She raised her head and shouted angrily, "That's how you bribe a three year old child!"

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