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   Chapter 201 (Part One)

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Tracy didn't answer, but stared at the tree in front of her with her eyes unmoved. "Tracy, this tree has always been yours!" When Brody spoke, there was an obvious pain in his eyes. Tracy muttered, "No. Your things... It has nothing to do with me! "

Her words made Brody's heart ache. He held her waist tightly and said in a low voice, "Without this tree, what if you want to cry next time?" His tone was full of banter.

He remembered that at that time, she clearly hated him to the bone but said that she didn't hate him. Every time she came to this tree secretly and cried. Brody's words completely angered Tracy. She angrily turned around, pushed his arm away and shouted, "Don't worry. I won't cry without you!"

Yes, she seldom cried in the past four years. Tears should have disappeared in the rest of her life!

Brody stared at Tracy in a daze. Tracy stared at her face and continued, "Unlike you, Ben won't let me cry. He takes care of me, loves me and treats me as a treasure!"

"Stop it!" All of a sudden, Brody interrupted Tracy angrily. He was not sure what he would do to Tracy if she continued to mention Ben in front of him. As soon as he mentioned Ben, he became angry and wanted to cut him into pieces. He was jealous of Ben and hated Ben. It was he who had hidden Tracy for four years. Moreover, why could he stay there justifiably? He had been with Tracy for four years. Thinking of this, he was so angry that he wanted to kill Ben.

Seeing that he was angry, Tracy's face was full of sarcasm. She said lightly, "Brody, I'm not the little girl who was bullied by you four years ago. I'm not afraid of you..."

"You shouldn't have been afraid of me..." Brody was anxious to pull Tracy into his arms, but was easily dodged by Tracy. Tracy stared at him and said, "Don't touch me!"

If it was four years ago, she would not only hate his touch, but also be afraid. Brody, he would never know how panic and fear she had been. She was afraid that she would be sent to that place by Brody as soon as she opened her eyes. It was her dream four years ago, and he would never know it!

Brody's face was full of complex emotions. Looking at Tracy's resistance to him, his strong regr

ad passed away, he was hit and didn't care about anything else.

"Ha ha.." Tracy sneered.

"Are you also cheated sometimes?" She raised her head and looked at Brody sarcastically. His face darkened, and there was a bit of cruelty between his eyebrows. "Tracy, don't push me!"

"Don't push me!" Tracy screamed at Brody, which made him stunned for a while. The anger on his face also disappeared a lot. He didn't want to see her so excited, because he would panic every time she was like this. Panic that she would disappear again in no time. He was now panicking at every word, every word he said to her.

Looking into his eyes, Tracy said sadly, "You've already forced me to die once. What else do you want? Will you be willing to die for the second time? "

Tears streamed down Tracy's face as she finished her words. Four years ago, he tortured her so hard that she had no choice but to aim the gun at her temple. At that time, she was still carrying two cute babies...

She didn't want to die, but she was forced by him. He wouldn't know how painful she was at that time. After her father died, she had been desperate, desperate...

She thought she wouldn't feel pain at that time. But when she pointed the gun at her temple, her heart really hurt. At that time, she seemed to be suffocating. She really didn't want to be a murderer. Fortunately, she survived in the end. What she didn't expect was that four years later, he still didn't give up on her.

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