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   Chapter 200 (Part Three)

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Hearing that, there was a fluctuation in the eyes of Ben. After asking, she stared at s for a full minute with his desperate and empty eyes. No matter what Tracy said behind Wendy, she still chose to leave this time.

"Ben, are you crazy?" Seeing that Bernard had left, Tracy turned her head to look at Ben at a loss. Anger was burning in her eyes. With an expressionless face, he said coldly, "You are the crazy person."

He stared at her as if he was going to crush her into pieces. He dared to say anything for the sake of Wendy, even the words of an illegitimate child. Maybe she didn't care, but what about the child?

When Tracy saw Ben, she became more and more indignant. "Ben, you are obviously crazy. Let me tell you, you will never get any questions from Wendy in your life!"

"I never thought of getting her!"

"Well, let's wait and see!" Tracy was so angry that she kept giggling. At the same time, Ben was even angrier about what Tracy had done just now. He lowered his head and said in a stern voice, "Tracy did it for the sake of Wendy. How dare you say anything? "

Tracy raised her head and saw the livid face of Ben. She said angrily, "You can be ruthless, but I'm different from you. I'm not a cold-blooded animal. You can abandon her, but why do you hurt her so much? You said that the child is not yours, and it won't hurt her at all!"

Looking at the righteous look on Tracy's face, Ben was even angrier. He found that it was not until now that he knew how righteous Tracy was. He softened his tone and said sincerely, "Tracy, when will you grow up? Maybe in your opinion, you don't care about yourself, but what about the two children? Have you ever thought about their feelings?"

At first, Ben thought that Tracy would suddenly realize something and look at him as if she was enlightened. But he didn't expect that Tracy was even angrier than before. She stared at him and said angrily, "It's just that you said that to Wendy. No one else will know. It's obvious that you are too selfish."

Ben was speechless. Tracy glared at him angrily and said, "Ben, just wait and regret!"

As soon as Tracy finished her words, she walked out of the room. The expression on Ben's face changed because of Tracy's words. He would never regret what he had done.

In the luxurious villa

There were two people sitting face to face, one big and the other small. They stared at each other for a long time. Finally, Brody admitted defeat and walked over to take little Alston who was sitting on the sofa over.

"Mom will be anxious. Why did you bring me here in the middle of the night? I don't want to stay here. I want to go home!"

With a smile, Brody held Alston tighter and coaxed, "Mom won't be in a hurry. Uncle has left a message for mom."

"No, you're lying. I'll be anx

ly, "Where is Alston?"

'Little Alston, how could Brody be so mean that he wouldn't even let go of the child?' He grabbed Tracy's wrist. Looking at her with a heavy and complicated expression, Tracy was even more anxious. She struggled hard to get rid of his big hand holding her wrist.

"Let go of me! Where is Alston?" Tracy shouted at Brody crazily.

With a sigh, Brody said, "I'll take you in."

Tracy was stunned for a moment. She didn't expect that he would be so easy-going. Brody didn't say anything and walked ahead. Tracy followed him in.

In the darkness, she couldn't see the yard clearly, but she could feel that the villa was really the same as it was four years ago. It didn't change at all. When she was in the path garden, Brody suddenly put his arm around her waist and whispered, "It's that tree!"

Tracy was stunned and looked at the tree. In the past, she had been wronged and hid under the tree when she had nowhere to vent her anger. Every time he domineeringly walked over and said that the tree was his, and she was not allowed to stay there. As a result, she was forced into the room by him. She still remembered that Ray, Ray, was there to call her sister and say the first word to her. She had been under the tree for a long time from day to night. She told him that the tree was exclusive to her, but he insisted that it was his. She couldn't compete with Brody, so she gave it to him, but he refused.

Under the tree, too many tears fell from her eyes. She seemed to be able to see a wronged girl sobbing helplessly with her arms around her knees.

Seeing that Tracy was absent-minded, Brody suddenly pulled her into his arms to stop her from resisting. "Do you remember, Tracy? You hated me so much at that time. You hated me every time, but you pretended to be happy with me every time. You are crying under the tree alone! "

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