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   Chapter 199 (Part Two)

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However, Ben didn't listen to Tracy's advice at all. If she didn't leave, Ben stood still and stared at Tracy. The three of them just stood in a stalemate and didn't say anything. Wendy was thinking about their relationship, while Tracy and Ben were in a stalemate because of Wendy.

"Ben..." All of a sudden, Wendy's sad voice came from behind. Seeing that there was a movement, Tracy's eyes began to glow. She looked at Wendy hopefully, hoping that they could get back together. However, at this time, she could not see the eager eyes of Tracy.

Ben's eyes flickered. He didn't turn around. Behind him, Wendy asked in despair, "The child, is it you and her?" When Wendy said this, her voice was obviously a little trembling. Hearing this, Tracy immediately stood out and wanted to explain. But when Ben pulled her, she immediately froze. What should she do? She couldn't be reckless. If she told Wendy directly that Melissa and Alston were his children, Brody wouldn't let her go. If Wendy didn't tell him, she was worried about him. She didn't want to see him heartbroken.

Looking at Tracy's face calmly, Ben didn't turn around. Behind him, Wendy was a little agitated and shouted, "I just want to ask you the last few questions. Is that so difficult?"

Wendy's desperate voice finally made the face of Ben change. He slowly turned around and looked at Wendy coldly, "I said, when you make a decision, you should remember every word. Do you want to go back on your own choice?"

Hearing this, Wendy was so angry that she almost couldn't say anything. She looked at Ben at a loss and said, "I'm different from you. It's a habit to eat words and become fat!" Ben was stunned for a while. Of course he understood what Wendy meant.

She was just thinking about what happened six years ago and her waiting!

Looking at the pale face of Wendy, Ben didn't say anything. He quietly waited for her to ask. Seeing this, Wendy's heart was hit hard, but strangely, she didn't feel the pain because she was dead?

Wendy took a deep breath and stared at the calm expression on Ben's face, which had never been so calm before. She said slowly, "That child is the child of you and my sister


Seeing that Ben was still hesitating, Tracy continued, "Ask him to tell you in person that this is not his child!"

Tracy pulled Ben anxiously. Ben wanted to lie, but Tracy raised her voice and said, "Ben, don't make any more mistakes. You're about to lose her!"

Hearing that, Ben was stunned for a while. He turned his head to look at the anxious look on Tracy's face. Wendy looked at him expressionlessly, waiting for his answer. She believed whatever he said. She just wanted to listen to him now.

After pondering for half a minute, Tracy said anxiously, "Ben, to be honest, Melissa and Alston are not your children at all!"

As if he had made up his mind, Ben suddenly turned to look at Wendy seriously and said word by word, "The child is mine!"

Tracy became more and more anxious. She turned her head and blurted out without hesitation, "Wendy, believe me, Melissa and Alston are really my illegitimate children. If you don't believe us, let's go to the hospital to test the DNA!"

At that moment, Ben was so anxious that Tracy grabbed her wrist to stop her from continuing. But at the same time, Wendy became as calm as a dead water. She raised her eyes dully and said, "Ben, I've thought about it. In fact, our promise six years ago didn't count. At that time, I forced you. I forced you. You didn't break your promise to marry me before. So you didn't break your promise. Don't worry. I promise I won't appear in your sight! "

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