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   Chapter 198 (Part One)

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Not only Ben, but also Tracy was shocked. Her eyes fell on the corner of the room. The petite figure couldn't come to herself for a long time. When Tracy came to her senses, she wanted to dodge. Perhaps it was because of Brody, so she didn't seem to see anyone related to him. However, before Tracy could say something to leave, Ben strode in. Tracy had no choice but to follow him.

When Ben stepped into the room, Tracy was surprised to find that his target was not Ben, but the gambling table. In fact, after entering the casino, he didn't even look at him, which made Tracy feel uneasy. Something must have happened between them. Otherwise, why did he love Wendy so much? Why didn't he even ask her a question?

"Ben..." Tracy stole a glance at Wendy, who was counting the money in the opposite corner. She couldn't help shaking the big hand of Ben. Ben ignored Tracy's action, but stared at the gambling table with his dark eyes.

Tracy didn't know what to do when she saw this. She kept her eyes on Wendy, who was sitting opposite to her, but Ben didn't seem to pay any attention to her. At this time, Tracy seemed to understand one thing, that was, no wonder there would be noise here. It turned out that it was Wendy who took over the place. She must have led a lot of people to make a fuss, so this exclusive room belonged to her and Ben's box could no longer be quiet.Tracy smiled helplessly. Wendy was no longer an eighteen year old girl, but she was still anxious to stir up trouble!

Tracy could do nothing but watch him count the money in a corner and put it in his big pocket. Then Wendy pushed through the crowd and rushed in without looking sideways. When he squeezed in, Tracy looked away subconsciously, but he didn't find her. Wendy just kept pushing in.

"Get out of my way... Get out of my way... It's my turn... " Wendy pushed the crowd away and shouted.

Out of the corner of Tracy's eye, she saw that Wendy had already squeezed past her. She subconsciously raised her head to look at Ben, who stood still with no change in his face.

"I've told you... Get out of my way... " Wendy suddenly pushed a person away impatiently. Her ang


Bowing his head, Ben smiled gently and said, "Tracy, we'll come back another day. Let's go home first!"

Tracy was stunned for a moment and looked subconsciously at Wendy, who was standing next to her. His eyes were like dead water, staring at the back of Ben. Tracy was a little embarrassed and looked at him. Her colleague tipped him a wink, but Ben turned a blind eye to her. He just said firmly, "Be careful. If you think about it, we will come again in the future."

Standing quietly behind Ben, Wendy's heart broke into pieces. When she saw this, she seemed to understand something. When Ben was with Tracy, Tracy was still alive. And what's more, the words that Brody had said to her when he was drunk -- for example, Wendy, she was still alive, alive. Do you know? They lied to me, but only to me. Tracy is still alive, and she is with Ben. Every time when Brody said these words to him, Wendy would laugh at her brother's stupidity and his schizophrenia. But she didn't expect that what her brother said was true. Things were so obvious, and she needed to think about something obvious.

The child of Ben, his child. The expression on Wendy's face changed. She suddenly remembered that Ben had said that Alston was his child, hadn't he?

Seeing that Ben didn't even look at Wendy, Tracy couldn't help but push his arm hard. Was he crazy? Didn't he see the heart-broken look on Wendy's face? He was willing to let her cry.

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