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   Chapter 197 (Part Three)

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The more Tracy said, the more agitated she became. She felt a sharp pain in her heart. Thinking of the humiliation she had experienced in the past, she wished she could cut him into pieces. She hated Brody because of the gem. At the beginning, she hadn't forgotten what had happened on her wedding night with him, and she hadn't forgotten how he had treated her and humiliated her afterwards. She was very self at that time. Why she was like a lamb at the mercy of others, unable to resist at all.

Ben didn't say anything. His face was calm, but his heart was in sharp contrast to his calm face... But she lost her father because of her.

"Ben, I haven't forgotten what he has done to me before..." Tracy murmured in a choked voice. What she hated most was not only her father's death, but also that time... The time he sent himself into the nightclub, he sent her to that kind of dirty place cruelly, at that time she desperate, helpless cry, beg him, but he was indifferent.

No, he said something at that time. He walked up to her and looked at her dying face. He said coldly and heartlessly that he had nothing to do with her in the future. He said that it would be better for her to come back alive, because she had to sign the divorce agreement.

Brody had endured all kinds of tortures she had suffered. Maybe she could forgive him for what he had done, but she couldn't forgive her father. She hated him. At that time, she had no choice but to obey him.

Seeing her pale face, Ben felt a little regretful to mention Brody. He held Tracy tightly in his arms and comforted her, "Don't say it. Don't think about it. Look, what time is it now?"

Sobbing, Tracy got up and checked the watch on Ben's wrist. It was twelve o'clock!

It was twelve o'clock! Tracy's face turned pale with fright. Seeing this, Ben was not in a hurry. He looked at Tracy playfully and said, "You should think about it first. Do you have a mother like you? It's almost ten o'clock in the morning. You didn't send her to school until the school was over. "

Regardless of anything else, Tracy wiped her tears in panic and quickly stood up. Seeing her panic, Ben asked, "You go to pick her up? "

Tracy's face was still wet with tears. She looked at Ben through tears and smiled, "You can think about how to coax Melissa first!"

Ben smiled, but his eyes were obviously full of worry. This little girl, he just said a little more to her, and she really didn't want to forgive him.

Tracy saw through him and said, "I've told you not to value boys more than Melissa. I'm really angry this time!"

With a worried look on his face, Ben said, "I'll pick it up!"

"Ha ha..." Tracy smiled. She agreed with him this time. It seemed that he was a little sensible.

Ben stood up and rubbed her head, "You should help me..."

Tracy turned her head and said, "I've told you not to touch my head!"

Ben smiled and went out directly without saying anything.

As Tracy said, she had been very comforted in the following days, without the interruption of Brody. She had known that Brody was not dead, and she sneered. People like h

After passing through the noisy hall, Tracy pulled Ben directly to the private room where they gambled many years ago. It was in this private room when she just married with Brody. Ben foolishly gave her half of the money of the YS Group without hesitation. She let him recall today, in case he would fall in love with any girl next time and repeat the same mistake to do such a stupid thing again. She had been waiting for a long time.

Standing at the door, Tracy hesitated for a moment. Ben glanced at her and smiled silently. He stretched out his long arm and pushed the door open gracefully. Unlike what they had imagined, Ben almost and Tracy eyebrow.

The situation inside was different from what they had imagined. Many years ago, this box had always been exclusive to Ben, or it could be said that it was exclusive to them. During the banquet, he didn't like people to make noise, so everyone knew the rules, and there had never been any noise at the gambling table.

Now it seemed that the scene here was totally different from before. It was so noisy that Tracy covered her ears irritably.

"Ben, let's go!" Tracy said with a frown.

When Ben spoke, his handsome face changed slightly. He had booked this room. Even after four years, when he came back, there should be no one else in it. How could it be so noisy!

Seeing that Ben was unwilling to leave, Tracy pulled a long face on purpose and said, "Ben, don't go in. You know I don't like noisy places!"

As Tracy spoke, she pulled the arm of Ben, who frowned and his handsome face remained calm. He stood at the door and looked around, and then...

Within a minute, Ben and Tracy were completely stunned.

Just as Ben's eyes swept around, a figure squeezed out of the crowd. She was clearly so small as if she was going to be squeezed out of the crowd, especially when she was so young and wore a man's suit that didn't fit her. Her dress was a little funny, with a smile on her face and a large sum of money in her hand.

After squeezing out of the crowd, she hid in a corner to count the money.

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