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   Chapter 195 (Part One)

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When Tracy rushed back home, Ben was reading a magazine leisurely on the sofa. Her face stiffened and she forced her tears back. When she passed by him, she didn't stop, just when she thought he wouldn't care about her. His slightly sarcastic voice came from behind her, "The cat was caught so soon, and it was still so late to arrange for Alston and Melissa. In this case, in fact, I should send them to school."

Suppressing her surging emotions, Tracy pretended to be angry and glared at him. "But don't forget that you are scolding Melissa and favoring Alston. She is still angry with you."

Ben was speechless. His dark eyes quietly locked on Tracy's face, which was still covered with tears. Tracy also looked at him indignantly. Neither of them spoke. Ben looked very calm, but Tracy's heart was in a mess.

'You bastard! Brody! Forget it. I didn't expect that when I came back home, Ben would hit me when I was down.'

After a few seconds, a smile appeared on the corners of Ben's mouth. He looked at her calmly and said with a smile, "it has nothing to do with Melissa. She is just a child. She doesn't know what hatred is. She will be happy when I take her to play after school. But someone... "

After a pause, the anger in Tracy's beautiful eyes was obvious, and the banter in her eyes deepened. Ben continued leisurely, "Well, someone is so petty that she doesn't even care about what others say that makes her unhappy."

Tracy was so angry that she glared at him with righteous indignation. She wished she could go to tear Ben up now. Of course, she knew what he meant. She didn't care if she was angry outside, but she had to meet him when she came back.

This evil man, Tracy glared at the smiling face of Ben, who was gradually standing at the banquet, and finally rushed to him in anger. She had never seen Ben so happy before. Even when she was in danger four years ago, he was not as happy as he was now. He took pleasure in her misfortune. He had thought that he was a real gentleman, different from Brody, but now it seemed that they were really the same person. They were as dark as crows in the world.


lly underestimated the wisdom of Brody, he was so punctual on the opposite side of her, perhaps he had already guessed her idea, so directly in the downstairs waiting for.

"Is it jewelry?" Said Ben.

Tracy turned her head and looked at him in confusion. She didn't understand what he meant. Looking at Tracy, Ben said meaningfully, "Tomorrow is the same. He must have gone to the shopping mall to buy the jewelry on the floor where the sales volume is the most. So you just ran into him by accident."

Ben just used a few short words to explain things to the Tracy, and the Tracy is still a little not quite understand, people sell jewelry with Brody what relationship.

However, there was a stubbornness in his eyes. Looking at Tracy, Ben suddenly interrupted her thoughts and said, "Tracy, listen to me. Get out of here!"

Tracy shook her head more stubbornly than he did. "No, this is my home. I was born here, and I have to die here."

"I know you..." Ben eyebrowed.

"No, no... I'm doing this for myself, for my son Alston and for my son! " Tracy shook her head.

"It's not as simple as you think. Don't you want to avoid Brody?"

"No, he won't find me. I just live under his eyes. He may not be able to find me in his territory!" Tracy said confidently.

"Didn't you find it today?"

"We met by accident today. We didn't find her."

"He is too scheming. Don't ever think that you can deceive him!"

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