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   Chapter 189 (Part Two)

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"Melissa, don't think too much. It's adults' business. Children don't understand." Tracy lowered her head and touched her clear face. She felt a little helpless, because at first she wanted to scold Melissa, but when she saw her lovely face, she couldn't be ruthless.

Melissa blinked her eyes and kept looking at her. Seeing this, Tracy was at a loss. She was now in a mess, let alone fooling a child. Tracy patiently stroked Melissa's face, lowered her head and coaxed, "Melissa, I'll tell you later, okay? Go to bed first. If you don't listen to me, I will only buy cakes for my brother from now on!"

Melissa pouted unhappily and said, "Mom is biased. She always gives the best to her brother. If you don't give me a clear conscience." Speechless, Tracy looked at her and finally said, "Well, Melissa, listen to me. Dad will be back soon."

Melissa immediately forgot what she had said before. Her clear eyes lit up and she shouted, "Mommy and Daddy are really coming back? Can we go out tomorrow? This city is so beautiful. I like it very much. I want to go out and have fun! "

Tracy's face turned pale after hearing Melissa's words. She didn't know what to say. She had planned to persuade Melissa to go to bed, but now it seemed that she had said something wrong. When it came to her father, she was so happy that she forgot her own thoughts.

"Father won't be back until tomorrow," Tracy had no choice but to change her tone.

Melissa didn't believe it. "No, mom lied to me. I have to wait for Dad here!"

Speechless, Tracy pulled a long face and said angrily, "Mom, I remember the wrong time. Dad won't be back until tomorrow."

"Well, you can't lie to me. I must sit here and wait!" Melissa snorted and turned her head.

Tracy was at a loss for words. All of a sudden, the door rang. Tracy was stunned, while Melissa got out of the sofa happily and went to open the door. When Tracy came to her senses, Ben had already come in with Alston.

Looking at Tracy, who was standing beside the sofa in a daze, Alston rushed over at once. Tracy firmly held Alston's hand and happily said, "Mom, have a good time. I'm going to play with my sist

are you so mean to Melissa? She will really think that you are in favor of Alston."

With an expressionless face, Ben said, "Girls can't be spoiled. If you spoil her too much, she will really become lawless." All of a sudden, Ben thought of Wendy. No, it should be said that he said this to Wendy. If her family didn't dote on her so much that she couldn't tell right from wrong, she would end up with drug abuse.

Melissa's character.... He really found that it was very similar to Wendy.

Tracy smiled and said, "Ben, I find that you really think differently from others. Many people spoil girls, but you are spoiling Alston."

However, Ben didn't think it was a big deal. He said casually, "Alston is a boy, and he is innocent and sensible in your eyes. But in my opinion, he looks more troublesome, but he is not as naughty as you think."

Tracy was stunned. She didn't say anything, but in the bottom of her heart, she acquiesced in the opinion of Ben. Although Alston looked a little naughty, sometimes he was very sensible, not clear at all. Thinking of what happened today, Tracy had a feeling of lingering fear. Even if Melissa found out that she was selling intelligence, he also met the other party in advance without her knowing, Fortunately... Fortunately, the man today was Brody. If he was a desperado, she really didn't dare to imagine what would happen to her, a child, if the person's transaction was affected...

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