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   Chapter 188 (Part One)

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There was still no expression on Tracy's face. She pushed him away and stared at Brody with her dead eyes the next second. Before he could react, a gun appeared in her hand. His face changed dramatically. He reached out his hand to stop it, and his face also lost its color.

Tracy's expression now overlapped the scene four years ago. Four years ago, he had watched her raise the gun at her temple. No matter how he begged her, she didn't show any mercy. She pulled the trigger without hesitation. Now... Brody was frightened by Tracy's reaction and didn't know what to do. He hadn't spoken for a long time, while Tracy looked at him coldly and said decisively, "Brody, if you really have a conscience, don't badger me again. Otherwise, I won't care about anything!"

She stared at him and said word by word. It was not until then that Brody realized what she meant. Subconsciously, he wanted to grab her gun. Tracy stared at him excitedly and said, "Try again!"

Brody was so frightened that he stood still and dared not move. Four years ago, he didn't want the tragedy to happen again four years ago. When he saw the colder and colder expression on Tracy's face, he shouted, "Tracy... No! "

These few words almost made him suffocate in pain. Brody looked at Tracy sadly and pleadingly, just like four years ago. Four years ago, he begged her desperately to put down the gun, but he still shot ruthlessly. Now...

"Mom..." When the atmosphere was extremely tense, Melissa pulled Tracy's sleeve anxiously. Her little face was filled with tears because of fear.

Tracy was shocked and then came to her senses. She lowered her head and looked at Melissa anxiously. Seeing this, Brody was about to rush forward, but Tracy immediately sensed his change. She pointed the gun at her temple without hesitation. "Brody, if you take one more step forward, I'll die now!"

She shouted at Brody excitedly. Her voice echoed in the darkness, making it more heart wrenching. Looking at Tracy nervously, he stepped back subconsciously. He stared at Tracy with a pale face and said anxiously, "Okay... Tracy... I'll go. Calm down! "

Seeing him step back, Tracy sneered. What was he doing? Was he nervous about


It was not until then that Tracy came back to her senses and looked at Melissa. A few seconds later, she realized what Melissa said. When Tracy recalled what had happened tonight, her face immediately lost its color! Brody!

The moment she was trembling man, she thought, he is like have disappeared in her memory, she isn't never thought if they could meet again after four years, she thought to see him again, she must not recognize him, but last night, he descended with the same four years ago, he did it hasn't changed at all, especially his self-righteous, his selfishness, his face look a little decadent.

Seeing that Tracy was absent-minded, Melissa said discontentedly, "Mom, if you keep ignoring her, Melissa will go out alone!" Melissa shook off Tracy's hand unhappily.

Shocked, Tracy looked at Melissa and blurted out, "Where are you going?"

Looking at her anxious face, Melissa suddenly smiled naughtily. "I was just kidding. Look at you. You look so nervous. Mom, tell me, why did Uncle want to hold you?" Melissa looked at Tracy with pure and innocent eyes. There was nothing but confusion and confusion in her eyes. However, there was strong hatred and resentment in Tracy's eyes.

Four years had passed. She thought that she had forgotten Brody and even forgot her hatred for him. But when she saw him again with her own eyes, the hatred that had been hidden for four years was still like a surging wave, which even caught her off guard.

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