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   Chapter 186 (Part Two)

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Brody was so shocked that he couldn't tell what he felt. Such a young child dared to do such a bold thing. He remembered a saying, "a newborn calf is not afraid of a tiger". Such a big child didn't know what fear was at all.

"Then why did you play hide and seek with me at this time?"

Melissa tightened her lips and didn't want to continue, but continued to coax her, "Tell me, I will give you money, and I will hide you in a place where your mother can't find you."

Melissa blinked at him and said, "No, I won't. Mom will be anxious if she can't find me. She will be scared to cry." "Do you often scare mom? Will she cry? "

Melissa looked at Brody, shaking her head and then nodding. He was unhappy, but he just looked at the lovely smile on her face. At this time, he seemed to have forgotten why he came here today.

"Mommy, are you crying?" Brody asked cautiously.

Melissa nodded and said, "So I can't hide in a place where my mother can't find me."

"But for the time being, aren't you going to play hide and seek with Mommy? I'll take you to hide first."

Melissa looked at Brody with a disappointed look. "What's wrong? Tell me, why did you play such a dangerous game with Mommy? "

At this time, Melissa put her finger into her mouth, with tears in her eyes. Looking at Melissa who suddenly burst into tears, Brody was a little panic. "What's wrong? Can't you find her home? I'll drive you home."

Melissa shook her head and said, "My mother always doesn't play with me. Every time she sneaks away alone, she wakes up alone. Melissa is afraid..."

Looking at her with a smile, Brody said in disbelief, "You are naughty enough to come here alone. Will you be afraid?"

Melissa bit her finger and didn't say anything. Seeing this, Brody suddenly picked her up and said, "Melissa, tell me where your home is. I'll drive you home."

Melissa didn't resist at all. She just stayed in his arms and didn't say anything. It seemed that she was thinking about something. Seeing through her mind at once, Brody smiled and said, "You're lying. You're not angry with me, but naughty to come out to play. Are you worried about me now?"

If he hadn't actually


After hearing the clear voice, Tracy had to stop. She was shocked and turned around in disbelief. At this time, Brody and Melissa came to her one after another.

Tracy was shocked to see Brody, but when she saw the person behind him, she almost fainted.

"Melissa..." Trembling, Tracy looked at Melissa in disbelief.

Seeing that Tracy's face was pale and her body was shaking, Melissa rushed to Tracy in a hurry. Tracy held her in her arms with her trembling arms. In a short moment, she found that her blood seemed to have solidified. Now, her brain was in a mess.

Why is Melissa here? Why is Brody here? Melissa was sleeping at home, wasn't she? Why was she here? Tracy's eyes were full of worry. She hugged Melissa for a long time before she let go of her and asked incredulously, "Melissa, why are you here?"

The moment she saw Melissa, she was so scared that her heart almost collapsed. She had never expected that Melissa would appear here.

Melissa didn't answer Tracy's question. Instead, she held her big hand and looked at her worriedly. "Mom, what's wrong with you? Your hand is so cold!"

Melissa was so anxious that she was about to cry. Seeing this, Tracy felt sorry for her. She held Melissa in her arms again and said, "Melissa, I'm fine. Why are you here?" Tracy was also frightened to cry.

At this moment, Melissa pushed Tracy away and looked at Tracy apologetically, "Mom, I want you to play with you!"

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