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   Chapter 185 (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-05-06 00:05

"Thank you, uncle. I got it!" Alston smiled happily, and so did Brody.

At the same time, Ben, who was watching aside, was worried. Seeing that Brody was still not going to let go of Alston, and Alston was a little reluctant to leave, he finally couldn't bear it and directly took Alston's hand and said, "Alston, go back with Dad!"

Alston didn't want to look at Brody, but Brody looked at Ben with a complicated expression. He didn't say anything but stood up silently.

"Dad..." Not willing to look at Brody, Alston begged.

All of a sudden, Ben saw through Alston. He pulled a long face and said, "Don't be willful. It's time to go back!"

He smiled in the bottom of his heart. A child was indeed a child. He could easily guess what he was thinking. Alston just asked for his opinion and wanted to play with Brody for a while.

Looking at his cute little face, he didn't have the heart to refuse. But Brody, he was not someone else, so in order to avoid a long delay and nightmares, he had to forcefully take little Alston away from here. Little Alston pouted and looked at Ben discontentedly. Finally, he took the big hand of Ben and said unhappily, "Dad, let's go!"

Ben smiled, squatted down and was about to pick up Alston, but he was dodged by Alston. He looked at Ben and said unhappily, "Alston is not a child. Dad can't hold him. He can go by himself."

After saying that, Alston walked straight forward. Startled, Ben strode to catch up with him, as if he was afraid that he would be lost. Seeing all the people in front of him, Brody suddenly felt an indescribable sadness in his heart.

He once had a family, but it was ruined by him... He must have a child!

Staring blankly at the receding figure of Ben and Alston, who was standing behind him, Charlie put his hand on his shoulder and patted him hard on the shoulder. He said unhappily, "Hey, my child, why do you look so surprised to see this person personally?"

Brody came to his senses and looked at Charlie, who didn't say anything. Charlie frowned and stared at him with a strange expression. "Are you in a daze?"

Brody glanced at him unhappily and was about to walk forward. But

e, Melissa pretended to be angry and said, "If you don't say anything, I'll leave this information. I won't sell it no matter how much you give me."

It was not until then that Brody realized what had happened. He was shocked, but the calmness in his eyes did not decrease at all. He squatted down almost instinctively and asked, "Who are you? Why are you here? "

As soon as Brody finished his words, he couldn't help laughing, because it seemed that he had said this before...

Melissa smiled at him and said, "I'm the daughter of a flower in the water. Will you give me a lot of money?"

Brody was stunned for a moment and was speechless. He couldn't rule out the possibility of arranging a child to inquire about the situation in advance, but it was too bold to let a two-year-old or three-year-old child inquire about the situation. If that was the case, her thinking was really not ordinary people could compare.

After staring blankly for a while, Brody said seriously, "Little guy, as long as you answer a few questions, I will give you a lot of money!"

Melissa blinked at him, without the fear of seeing a stranger at all. After a few seconds, Brody looked at Melissa and said, "Tell me who you are first and why you are here."

Hearing this, Melissa looked at his face with pure eyes. She smiled. Her face was very cute.

"Uncle, I'm just here for fun. I'm playing hide and seek with my mother to see if she can find me."

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