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   Chapter 182 (Part One)

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Tracy said in a stern voice, "Melissa, have you moved or not?"

Seeing Tracy's cold face, the grievance on her face became more and more obvious. Melissa looked at Tracy timidly and said nothing this time. Seeing this, Tracy was helpless. She squatted down and patiently persuaded, "Brother can use the computer, but he is not at home now. There are only mom and Melissa at home. Mom didn't move..."

"Mom, I just want to see when I can have the cake." Looking at Melissa's tearful eyes, Tracy was stunned for a moment. She didn't understand what Melissa meant at all.

"Isn't Mom going to make money for Melissa?" With a serious look on her face, the little adult looked at Tracy seriously.

Confused, Tracy touched her face and coaxed, "Don't touch my things anymore."

Melissa blinked her big eyes and looked at Tracy innocently. Driven by curiosity, Tracy couldn't help but ask, "Melissa, what are you talking about alone?"

Looking at Tracy, Melissa bit her lips, shook her head and sighed. Tracy was even more anxious. She couldn't help shouting, "What on earth do you want to say?"

Melissa looked at Tracy with disdain and said, "You are so stupid!"

Tracy was speechless. Seeing this, Melissa explained, "I don't know if my brother knows how you make money. Anyway, I know that the stuff on your computer is to change cakes for us."

When Tracy heard what Melissa said, her face turned ashen with fear. She looked at the indifferent Melissa in disbelief and couldn't say anything!

Oh my God! No wonder Melissa checked her computer. How did she know? Did Ben tell her? But it couldn't be. How could Ben let her child know about the crimes?

Looking at the stunned Tracy, Melissa seemed to see through her mind. She raised her head leisurely and looked at Tracy with a little pride. "Mom, you don't have to guess. I guessed it myself. These things on the computer are obviously some information. You used them to change money for me, right?

With her eyes wide open, Melissa looked at Tracy innocently. At the beginning, she still asked. But later, her little eyes were full of confidence. She was sure that what she said was true. It must be like this. Otherwise, how else could mom h

xurious box inside, one after another walked into two men, the front of the man directly leisurely sitting on the sofa, and the other man is tangled looking at him as if nothing had happened.

"Hey, Brody, this deal is related to my fate. I don't even know the background of the person who made the deal. Do you really want me to die?"

Standing in front of Brody, Charlie looked at him seriously.

Brody leisurely reached out his hand to pick up the glass on the tea table and drank, but he didn't seem to be interested in what Charlie said.

Seeing that Brody was not in a hurry, Charlie said angrily, "I've made it clear to you today. I don't know the bottom line of the transaction. If anything happens to me... I can tell you now, I'm a grasshopper on the same rope as you. It can't get away from me, and it can't fly away from you!"

Charlie's words were a little joking, but others could clearly hear that he was so serious. When he was drinking, Brody suddenly raised his head and glared at Charlie coldly. "Are you threatening me?"

The short sentence made Charlie shudder. When he looked at Brody's expression seriously, he was frightened and almost broke out in a cold sweat. He really didn't understand that Tracy could make Brody so angry. In the past, it was said that he was cold-blooded and ruthless. It was rumored, but now, it should be said that he left Tracy. After that, he became cold-blooded and ruthless, showing no mercy to his brothers.

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