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   Chapter 181 (Part Three)

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But the nature had changed. Now it was different. The past? To be exact, it should be six years ago. Six years ago, he asked her the same question. She remembered that her answer was, "I want you to marry me." he looked at her in a daze and didn't take her words seriously. After she disappeared for half a month, he found her. Perhaps it was on purpose, or perhaps it was just an accident. Now it seemed that she was more willing to meet himTrust the latter!

A teardrop slipped out of the corner of Wendy's eyes. She looked at the whole face of Ben sadly, full of determination. A few seconds later, she looked at him and said clearly word by word, "Let me go!"

She had made up her mind, but at the end of the sentence, she couldn't help but plead. She didn't want to suffer such torture like a purgatory.

Ben looked very calm. He looked at Wendy and seemed to hear the answer from Wendy. He was not surprised at all, because he really hurt the innocent and kind-hearted girl so deeply!

Everyone would do this if they left!

After a few seconds of silence, Ben said in a hoarse voice, "I didn't imprison you. You can leave at any time."

"You know what I mean," Wendy said, looking at him with a sad face.

Ben was stunned for a moment, neither nodded nor shook his head. At the last glance of him, Wendy stood up and walked towards the door. When she was about to step out of the door at the last second, Ben suddenly said, "Wait a minute..."

Wendy stopped and turned around to look at Ben calmly. The expression on his face was a little cold, and at the same time, his eyes were a little heartless. He stepped forward and closed the door again. He pressed her against the door with his arms on the two ends of the door, and he peremptorily trapped her into his small world.

Wendy wanted to run away, but when she saw his serious face, she stood there quietly and stared at him calmly, waiting for him to speak.

Staring at her, Ben said word by word, "Wendy, I'll give you the last chance. Do you choose to stay with me or leave?"

Wendy was stunned and didn't say anything. She saw the coldness in his eyes.

With a cold face, Ben continued, "If it is the former, I will settle everything and give you everything you want, including... Happiness. If it's the latter, we'll break up and have nothing to do with each other! "

The ruthlessness of Ben's words shocked Wendy at the same time. After hearing his words, her brain reacted much slower in an instant. She didn't even turn her head. What did he say?

Staring at Wendy's pale face, Ben threatened, "Think it over, word by word, and tell me when you're sure!"

Wendy didn't say anything, staring at his face with her dead eyes. Whe

ned in a hurry, "Mom, I'm looking for a fairy tale. My brother read it a few days ago, but now he's gone. I have to find it myself. Don't be angry. I'll help you tidy it up later, okay?"

Melissa pulled Tracy's sleeve and said in a flattering tone. Tracy came back to her senses and touched Melissa's head helplessly. "It's okay. Mom is sorting it out. What are you looking for?"

Melissa pouted and said unhappily, "I've told you it's a fairy tale."

"Yes," answered Tracy absentmindedly. She walked slowly into the study and glanced at the computer desk next to her subconsciously! She had never been passive.

"Mom, what's wrong?" Melissa held Tracy's hand and pretended to be confused.

Tracy didn't answer, but stared at the computer thoughtfully. After thinking for a while, she lowered her head and said to Melissa, "Melissa, you're so good. You'd better help me tidy up the study. I have something to do now."

Melissa nodded obediently, but when she squatted down and was about to pick up the paper that she deliberately threw on the ground, her eyes secretly fell on Tracy.

At this time, Tracy sat down beside her desk with a heavy heart and quickly opened a lot of things. Soon, her face froze.

"Melissa..." She snapped harshly.

Melissa was shocked and looked up at her. With a stern look on her face, Tracy glared at her and asked, "What did you see on the computer?"

Melissa was stunned for a moment. A trace of panic flashed across her little face, but she still shook her head at Tracy.

Seeing this, Tracy was even angrier. She suddenly stood up, walked to Melissa and said in a stern voice, "What did you touch?"

Melissa looked at her with fear, shook her head and pretended to be aggrieved. "There is really nothing. My brother can use the computer, I can't use it!"

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