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   Chapter 178 (Part Three)

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Alston's words made Wendy's eyes wide open. She was stunned for a long time before she pretended to endure the pain all over her body and said to Ben, "You are so happy!" Hearing that, Ben's eyebrows twitched. He wanted to say something, but when he opened his mouth, he swallowed it. It was not appropriate to talk about the identity of Alston now. Besides, he could not explain to Wendy now, or he could not tell her that Tracy was alive.

Not only that, maybe he had really become the person who broke his promise in his life. He did not fulfill his promise to her. With a pale smile on his face, Wendy turned her head and touched Alston's cheek. "What's your name?"

Alston looked at Wendy and said, "Alston. And my sister's name is Melissa!"

"Then I'll take you to see your sister!"

It was hard to tell whether Wendy's words were true or not, but Ben, who was standing next to her, was shocked by her words. Before Ben came to his senses, Alston said directly, "Yes, sister. But you can't get my dad with mother!"

The smile at the corners of Wendy's mouth froze. Her heart seemed to be cut hard by a knife. She knew that the innocent child knew nothing and had no scruples, but what Alston said clearly affected her.

Maybe, even if Alston didn't say that, she wouldn't pester him anymore. Ben had become a man of the family, but what about her? To be a real mistress? She could afford to put it down, but she was not that kind of person.

With a smile on her pale face, Wendy looked at little Alston and said kindly, "Little Alston. It's late now. Kids should be obedient and go upstairs to sleep, okay? "

After hearing what Wendy said, Alston was obviously a little reluctant, but he was still reluctant to take a look at Ben. Seeing this, Ben pretended to pull a long face and said to Alston, "Listen to me!"

Alston nodded reluctantly, but his eyes were still fixed on Ben, as if he had something to say. Ben immediately saw through his mind. He smiled and said to the little guy, "You go to bed first. I'll take you to play after I finish my work!"

With a skeptical look on his face, Alston looked at Ben and said, "When did dad break his promise?"

"That's right. Daddy doesn't keep his promise, but mommy doesn't keep her promise every time she says something."

Ben smiled helplessly. Tracy had been worrying about the two children.

"Go ahead, father!" Ben urged again. Then, Alston nodded and ran upstairs excite

s and begged, "Ben, give it to me, give it to me Please Give me... "

She cried helplessly. At the same time, Ben could only hold her tightly in his arms, but Wendy cried even harder.

"Ben, give me..." She cried her heart out and her helpless little face was filled with tears.

Ben held her tightly. He could feel that the blood all over her body seemed to be cold. Her little hands and her face were cold.

"Ben... Please, I will die... "

With a twisted face, Wendy grabbed the collar of Ben and cried.

When Ben felt that her breath was getting weaker and her blood was getting colder and colder, he finally painfully sent the medicine in his hand to her mouth. When he sensed it, Wendy immediately opened her mouth and directly swallowed it.

Taking a deep breath, Ben held Wendy tightly in his arms. Wendy swallowed, but her body was still trembling. After about five minutes, Wendy slowly came to her senses.

Her dull eyes looked at the ground, and her small body curled up.

Ben let her go, stood up angrily and roared over her head, "Wendy, why?"

Wendy didn't answer, but looked up at him with dull eyes.

Ben was about to go crazy with anger. He stared at her expressionless face with a livid face and continued to roar, "Just because of a promise, right?"

Wendy felt heartbroken and almost suffocated. She raised her head and looked at him with her bleak eyes. How could he say it so lightly? Just because of a promise? A promise was so simple?

Ha ha He had never cared about her at all. What was ridiculous was that she had been waiting for two years. But what happened? Six years had passed

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