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   Chapter 177 (Part Two)

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Raising her little face again, Ben forced her to look into his black eyes. Staring at her cold eyes, he said word by word, "Wendy, listen. I don't know how you lived in the past four years, but from now on, you can't hurt yourself!"

Wendy was not too excited. She just looked at him with contempt and said, "Are you ordering me? In what position? "

Ben was stunned and speechless. What position should he take? Yes, what's his position? He just didn't want her to be like this. After a few seconds of silence, Ben looked at Wendy and said seriously, "What you want is to live with some hooligans!"

"Yes, I like to be with the hooligans. They are kind and righteous. Moral principles are better than some hypocrites." Wendy said casually, not taking Ben's words seriously.

Glaring at Wendy, Ben suddenly shouted harshly, "Wendy, they are not ordinary hooligans!"

"There is no such thing as a hooligan," said Wendy with a smile on his face.

Ben was so angry that he was about to tremble. He glared at her and said, "But they are not hooligans at all. Killing and setting fire to them are all evil!"

At the end of his words, Ben was so furious that he almost roared out. This was not what he said to frighten Wendy. If that group of people were ordinary hooligans today, they would definitely fight with him. But today, the leader monkey looked a little reckless, but he was clearly so cautious.

Wendy was stunned for a while, and then she laughed, which made Ben nervous. He held her thin face tightly with his hands and scolded her harshly, "Wendy, that's not an ordinary hooligan. I'm not scaring you. You don't even know who they are. How dare you? Just go with them and hang out with them."

After Ben finished his words, Wendy still kept giggling. In anger, he tightened his grip and pressed her cheek with both hands. Wendy felt pain and stopped. Seeing her like this, Ben felt a little sad. He touched her face with his hands and said in a hoarse voice, "Wendy, I'm sorry. I have no choice! Six years... "

Yes, six years, six years he thought what will change a little, at least he thought he knew the girl, once had a close relationship with him little gi

Ben was stunned for a while. He turned his head and looked at Wendy, who didn't know how to answer for a moment. Seeing that he didn't say anything, Wendy smiled with self-mockery. She looked at the child, and then looked at the banquet girl, Ben said: "It doesn't matter. It's been six years. You should have been married. You are so cute and beautiful! "

Wendy forced a smile. She struggled to stand up and came to the boy's side. She couldn't help but touch the face of Alston, who looked at Wendy in confusion.

"Hello, sister!" Alston greeted politely.

Wendy smiled and continued to touch Alston's face, "Good boy. Where's your mother?"

After hearing what he said, the expression on his face suddenly changed. The corners of his mouth froze and he looked at Wendy in confusion. After a long silence, Alston raised his head and looked at Wendy in disappointment. "Mom is abroad. She is with her sister. She doesn't come back with me."

"You have a sister?"There was a long pause before Wendy laughed.

Wendy squatted down and asked. She touched Alston's face with one hand and pressed her belly with the other. Beads of sweat were oozing from her forehead.

When Alston heard that, he smiled through tears and nodded at him. He said proudly, "Yes, my sister and I look exactly like my mother. My mother is so beautiful, and my sister is also beautiful."

Alston looked at Wendy and added, "Sister, we are carrying opposite sex twins!"

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