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   Chapter 170 (Part One)

The Devil's Lure By Xi Ying Characters: 7434

Updated: 2020-05-01 00:09

"I was forced by you." Ray shouted at Alice angrily.

"You..." Alice was too angry to say anything.

This time, Ray ignored the trembling Alice and directly opened the door and went out. When Alice realized what had happened, she immediately chased after him.

When Alice arrived downstairs, Ray was opening the door and was about to run to the door when a tall black figure blocked the door. Seeing the person coming back, Alice breathed a long sigh of relief. Fortunately, he was back, or Ray would really go out in the middle of the night.

Ray looked at Brody, who suddenly appeared at the door. It was obvious that he hadn't turned his head around yet. Brody lowered his head dejectedly. When he saw Ray's body, he asked in a hoar

h desperation, Brody said in a hoarse voice, "I know, yes!"

Indeed, Tracy was innocent. She shouldn't have been involved in all the things, shouldn't she?

Ray's face changed. He looked at Brody and continued, "I didn't mean that. I mean, his father has nothing to do with sister's death. It's all my fault!"

As soon as Ray finished his words, Brody was shocked. He opened his eyes wide as if he had heard a big case and looked at Ray in disbelief. After a long time, he came to his senses and stared at Ray with his sharp eyes. Ray tried to find any sign of lying on his face, but no, no, no, the child's face was innocent, pure and evil, and there was no sign of lying at all. But Ray was a child, how could he know these things?

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