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   Chapter 167 (Part One)

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No matter what Tracy said about the face of Bob, Tracy looked at it desperately. At the same time, Brody looked at Tracy in panic. When he saw her eyes, his eyes turned cold. No matter what Tracy said about the face of Bob, he was not moved at all. Tracy looked at the face of Bob with desperation. He glanced at Tracy. When he saw her resolute plan, his eyes turned cold and his face became frightening. The next second, a gun appeared in his hand, and the barrel of the gun was directly pointed at the temple of hatred. The expression on his face changed slightly, and he said coldly, "I don't seem to have any grudge against you!"

Brody stared at his cold face with his frosty eyes and said indifferently, "Let him go!"

He frowned and looked at Brody, who was holding the gun tightly in his hand. His expression was frightening. He said coldly, "You don't believe my spear skill? Or do you want to compete with me whose shooting skill is faster? "

He said arrogantly and confidently. At the same time, Bob began to look at him uneasily. The threat of Brody's gun was against his temple.

"I won't say it a second time!" Said Brody coldly and decisively.

Staring at the arrogant and confident face of Brody, a few seconds later, Bob smiled mysteriously. He put away the gun pointing at Ben, and then looked at Brody and said meaningfully, "You are right. I don't dare... Whose spear skill is faster than yours? "

With a frosty look on his face, Brody pursed his lips and didn't say a word. Seeing that he didn't say anything, Bob glanced at Ben, and then glanced at Tracy. Then he turned around and left without hesitation.

With a long sigh of relief, Brody looked at Tracy nervously.

"Tracy, put down your gun. Come here!"

Tracy didn't move. The gun was still pointing at her temple. Seeing this, Brody was not anxious and didn't know what to do. He looked at Ben for help. Ben looked at Tracy nervously, but Tracy didn't allow her to get any closer.

"Put down your gun. Don't make fun of me!" Brody said nervously and sternly., Tracy pointed her gun at her temple and refused. She stared at Ye Tianqing with hatred in her eyes.

e time. What's going on between the death of Juliet and my sister? It's still unknown. But what about you? But you are so stubborn that you blame all the mistakes on my sister-in-law. Are you happy that she is dead? "

With a cigarette in his hand, Brody didn't say anything. His dull eyes stared at the burning ashes.

"Besides, I have told you that my sister's death may not have anything to do with Ben, but you are just so self-righteous!" Wendy kept crying, She had never dreamed that it would be like this. When she received the phone call from Ben, she was ecstatic, but when Ben hurriedly said something she couldn't understand, she felt something wrong. It was not until her brother called and he said that that she realized what was going on!

How ridiculous. She found that she was so stupid. At first, she thought it was Ben who wanted her to go back, but when she came back, she found that the two people she missed were dead and nowhere to be found.

After a long time, Wendy couldn't say anything more with tears in her eyes. She helplessly glanced at him and turned around to leave. At this time, Brody muttered, "Your sister's death is not my subjective conjecture. It has something to do with Ben, but Tracy... "

Brody's voice began to tremble, and his eyes were full of pain. He regretted and said guiltily, "It's my fault!"

Wendy couldn't bear to see him depressed, so she opened the door and went out.

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