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   Chapter 74 Divorce Agreement (Part Two)

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Tracy blurted out in rage.

She heard of the murder from Brody. She knew his father killed Juliet, but she didn't believe it.

How could my father kill someone?

Every time he saw a homeless child, he would send the child to an orphanage, and even later he had established many orphanages with his own money.

How could he kill someone?

Although she had investigated Ben, it was a part of their story.

Perhaps, Ben didn't know the inside story. He was talking nonsense.

Anyway, she would not believe that her father killed someone.

'that bastard Brody must have some grudge against my father, and that's why he framed my father up, ' she thought.

"In your eyes, am I such a person who slandered others?"

Brody raised his eyebrows and glared at her.

Tracy retorted without hesitation, "isn't it true? You don't have to defend yourself, unless you framed my father for any other hatred. My father would never do such a thing. Stop talking nonsense! It's you, it's you framed him up! "

Got a scar, and his hands clenched into fists out of anger, Brody glared at Tracy.

He wished he could give her a punch on Tracy's stubborn face.

However, Tracy noticed his jealousy, and deliberately added fuel to the flames, "Brody, you make me sick. You touched another woman, and then you came back to me with sweet words to comfort me with guilt."

Tracy stared at Brody stubbornly, and talked on and on.

She got more and more excited.

Brody was so angry that he clenched his fists.

She was so thin that she couldn't help but shiver, a hint of fear overflowing from her eyes.

She remained calm and raised her chin up stubbornly. She provoked him. "Hit me. If you dare, beat me to death."

She added.

Her screams in despair echoed in the room.


Gritting his teeth, Brody said word by word, his face livid with rage.

Then he gave her a hard punch.

Tracy was so frightened that she trembled violently. She couldn't help closing her eyes.

She closed her eyes, waiting for the pain from the punch.

"Bang -"

The bed sheets bounced violently and slammed down.

But it was not on Tracy's face, but on the pillow beside her.

Tracy could feel her fist falling on her face, but she didn't.

She slowly opened her eyes and felt a little scared.

But she still looked stubborn. Deep down, she also felt reluctant to leave. She was addicted to quarrelling with him.

She stared at Brody's extremely angry

es to pay for what he has done to your father. I really regret that I didn't let him die."

Brody glared at Tracy and warned her with anger.

Tracy wiped her mouth hard with the back of her hand, and her eyes were full of disgust.

"Don't touch me again. I feel disgusted. Don't you understand? I don't want to touch things that other women have touched."

Said Tracy, grinding her teeth.

She couldn't stop wiping her lips with the back of her hand.

Although she felt the pain, she continued rubbing his skin.

What she said and acted infuriated Brody.

He pulled her into his arms and pinched her slender arm vigorously.

"Ah --"

Tracy screamed in pain, wrinkling her brows.

The bone on his arm seemed to be crushed by him.

"Let me go..."

Tracy yelled, and the thick wads of paper were wrinkled a little because of their fight.

Without hesitation, Brody bent over and said, "disgust? But don't forget how many nights you spent with me. Happy! "

He said with resentment as he began to tear her ragged clothes.

"Damn," Tracy blurted out, her face pale with fright. Beast, you can't touch me any more. I'm divorcing you Divorce you... "

She shouted and kept repeating the word "divorce".

Brody stopped his action because of her words. He lowered his eyes and glared at her little face.

He seemed to want to confirm the truth of her words.

Then, Tracy took the chance and freed herself from his arms.

She looked at him coldly and held the paper in her hand in front of him, "Brody, let's get divorced! My father is dying. You can take over his company. So It's time to end our relationship. "

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