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   Chapter 72 Brody, I Hate You (Part Two)

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Her lips trembled, she cried out uncontrollably.

In spite of holding her from behind and almost falling to the ground, Ben held her tightly in his arms from behind.

"Tracy, your father is fine. He is out of danger for the time being."

Ben held Tracy in his arms tightly.

Stunned, Tracy stared at the bed with tears welling up at the corners of her eyes. She was so sad that she murmured, "why? Why? "

Noticing her trembling body, Ben held her tighter. "Tracy, calm down. Your father is really fine. Can't you believe me?"

The pain on her waist brought her back to earth. She slowly turned around and asked, "Ben, is my father really all right?"

She cried out because she felt insecure.

Ben reached out her hand to wipe off the tears from her eyes.

"Yes. Don't worry, silly girl. Your crying here will disturb your father. He is in a coma. "

Ben stared at her face and said seriously.

Raising her hand to wipe the tears from the corners of her eyes, Tracy said with a heavy nasal voice, "Ben, you can go back. I will wait for my father to wake up here."

Ben sighed and looked at her lovingly. "Tracy, You don't need it. You go back first."

"No, I won't."

Tracy shook her head firmly.

When Ben was about to say something, a cold voice came through, "you have to go back."

When she saw who the person was, she stared at that cold-blooded face with great resentment.

Ben noticed her emotional reaction. Before Brody could walk over to them, he said to Tracy with a serious look on his face, "Tracy, you can go back first. You need to talk. I'll call you when your father wakes up, okay? Your presence here will influence your father. "

When Tracy was about to decline, she was pulled back by Brody angrily.

Then, he pulled her out of the ward.

Tracy shouted, glaring at him with her tearing eyes.

"Go back first."

Brody said with a dark face.

Tracy didn't push him away.

The car ran very fast on the road, but it was unusually smooth. Both of them did not speak all the way. The atmosphere was obviously abnormal and weird, making people feel frightened for no reason.

However. She was angry, disappointed, even desperate.

He was speechless, so did she.

Before the door of study was about to be closed, Tracy pushed the door

t and take good care of your body."

The cold words were uttered without any emotion and temperature.

Tracy stared at that pair of cold black eyes without moving. Her beautiful eyes were gradually covered with a layer of mist

With tears in her eyes, she stared at him and said in a desolate voice, "well, it's up to you!"

She closed her eyes and tears nearly fell down her face.

It was just a sad story. She should not have expected anything, should she?

Half a year had passed, and he talked to her in a gentle tone. She had thought that he had really let go of his hatred for her, and that was why she had hoped that they could get along with each other. She had even thought about turning down their love.

However, she was too stupid to think that a cold-blooded animal would have true feelings. Hatred began to swell in her heart.

As a human being, she was thoughtful. Huh She sneered. What she hoped for was only a day dream. When she woke up from the dream, the pain was piercing.

Seeming not to be satisfied with her distraction, Brody roughly pinched her waist. "Well..." Tracy furrowed her brows, her eyes brimming with tears and staring at her father in despair.

"Don't challenge my patience over and over again. You deserve it, Tracy." said Brody in a cold voice

His action gradually became more and more violent and was out of control.

Tracy bit her lower lip and endured the torture he gave her.

Her consciousness gradually lost focus. In the end, she couldn't bear it anymore and fainted.

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