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   Chapter 71 Brody, I Hate You (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-03-29 00:25

"Why did you hurt her?" It was Ben's furious voice.

"You don't know?" Brody retorted sarcastically.

"Juliet's death has nothing to do with Tracy. Her only family is her father."

Ben shouted in his office. He was standing across from Brody.

A hint of anger was frowned on Brody's face. "Where is Juliet, the dead Juliet? Don't forget Juliet is her elder sister. You come to me. I can deal with the fierce and merciless Tracy, but what about her sister Juliet? How innocent Juliet's death be! "

"You..." Ben chest heaved and looked angrily at Brody who was calm.

"Juliet's death was just an accident. It had nothing to do with her."

After a long time, Ben finally said an angry sentence.

In contrast to Ben's wrath during the dinner, Brody was extraordinarily calm. He raised his eyebrows a little and glanced sharply at the man, "but it has something to do with Tracy's father. Yes, it's not her fault. It's her father Horace's fault, isn't it?"

He said it heartlessly.

"She is happy with me."

Ben interrupted Brody furiously. Her calm eyes were burning with fire now.

"Haha What about happiness? "

Then Brody stood up from his chair slowly.

Ben was too angry to say a word.

"She just saw that I was good to her, so she thought I would fall in love with her and bring her happiness, didn't she? "

With a sneer on his face, Brody went around the desk and came to the opposite side of Ben, whose eyes were filled with anger.

"Brody, do you know how much hope she has over the past time?"

Face livid, Ben clenched his fists. At this moment, he really wanted to punch at the arrogant and self-righteous face of Brody.

Looking at Ben's angry face, there was a trace of hidden anger in Brody's eyes. But it disappeared. He stared at Ben's face and said coldly, "Ben, I tell you, no matter what I have done to her, it's not your place to blame her. And, do you really think that I love her so much? Then I can tell you clearly that Tracy is a plaything of mine who comes at my call and goes at my beck and call. "

Brody said the last few words word by word, happily.

"Brody Ye."

At last, Ben was in a towering rage an

d at Tracy as if thinking of something and didn't know how to answer her.

Tracy suddenly raised her voice and looked at him in despair. She shouted, "don't you admit it" Brody, you bastard! "

Her hysteria pulled Ben back to reality.

Looking blankly at her tear stained face, Brody kept silent.

There was still no warmth in his eyes.

Ben glared at Brody in anger. Seeing that he was indifferent, he finally couldn't bear it any more. He walked up to Tracy and pulled her back. "Tracy Stop. I'll take you away. "

Ben's gentle voice made Tracy cry even more loudly.

She looked at the indifferent Brody desperately. Her eyes were full of hatred. The next second she became hysterical, "Brody, I hate you. If anything happens to my father, I won't let you go."

She screamed desperately and pushed Ben away, rushing to the door desperately.


Ben was shocked and went out in hurry.

The office was empty. Brody stood still, looking at the door in a trance.

A tinge of pain gradually appeared on his face.

Then the atmosphere turned to be complex.

No, he shouldn't pity her. isn't it?

He should have made every effort to torture her. He did it, but why did he feel not happy at all.

Tracy rushed to the hospital, followed by Ben.

When Tracy stood in front of the bed and looked at Horace quietly lying on it with his eyes closed and an oxygen tube inserted in, she almost fell down to the ground.

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