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   Chapter 70 Having Been Fooled And In Despair

The Devil's Lure By Xi Ying Characters: 6313

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She stared at him seriously. There was no sense of joking in her words.

Puzzled, Brody glanced at her face sharply.

She dared to look at him.

"She wasn't here these days, but I mean what I said." replied Brody

Sensing no response from him, Tracy was unable to break away from his grip, so she closed her eyes in silence.

However, his hand fumbled to her underwear.

Startled, Tracy glared at him with burning, reproachful eyes.

Brody raised his eyebrows and looked at her with a smile.

She was so angry that her mouth was covered by a big kiss when she was about to curse.


She struggled to free herself, but failed.

Half a month later

With a smile on Tracy's face, she hummed a tune.

Half a month passed quickly. Although life was not satisfactory, it was also plain.

Anyway, she was satisfied that he didn't torture her.

However, although they didn't make a lot of movements

While wiping the tea table with her hand, Tracy paused. She thought, 'in short, I hope the tea table is not as heavy as yours!

While she was lost in her thought, Ray suddenly ran past her.

"Ray, where are you going?" asked Tracy in astonishment

When she caught up with him in confusion, Ray had already opened the door, The door was blocked tightly.

It was a face she hadn't seen for a long time, but she remembered it clearly.

And the most symbolic thing was that she could see his face at any time.

"What's up?"

She said coldly without any emotion.

"I came here to see Ray, what does it have to do with you?" Elsa said.

"Okay, I won't stop you."

Tracy made way for Ray and looked at his cute face.

Ray took Elsa's hand and pulled her in.

After seeing that, Tracy was sad.

Ray stayed with her all day long, but in the end, he still liked this vicious woman, as vicious as a snake and a scorpion.

She really didn't want

m,. But here, you are crying for a man. "

Elsa stared at her with anger. Then she continued her attack.

Tracy was paralyzed with shock, watching the video.

"According to our news, it's not an accident that YT Group plans to acquire the SU Group. Two years ago, YT Group has already planned it..."

The anchor broadcast something on the end of the TV. But she didn't listen to a word. She just felt her ears buzzing.

Everything happened so suddenly that she was off guard.

What made her most disheartened was the fact that her beloved husband was Brody Ye.

Her husband who was intimate with her the other day.

She was completely cheated by him.

After a few minutes, Tracy suddenly regained her composure and ran towards the door like a lunatic.

On the street, sharp horns sounded from time to time, and Tracy was sprinting madly.

She didn't stop until she arrived at the headquarters of YT Group.

Then she continued to run inside, and when someone tried to stop her, she was angrily pushed away.

Finally, someone in the company recognized her and let her go.

After that, Tracy directly went to the CEO's office.

When she reached the office door and was about to knock the door open, she heard someone talking inside.

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