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   Chapter 68 You Only Believe In Your Friend

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A cool smile appeared on Charlie's face. She looked up and down at her with admiring eyes, and then stepped aside.

Tracy stepped forward, her heart pounding violently.

She walked to Brody nervously and took a deep breath when she sensed his hidden hostility.

This horrible man.

She tried her best to maintain a calm look at him and then walked straight past him.

As for his eyes, they were calm and deep that she couldn't see through.

After Tracy walked out of the café, Brody stared at the beaming boy opposite him.

He took a meaningful look at Charlie and then Charlie followed him out.

Hardly had she taken two steps before she was gripped by Brody, who took one more step forward, his chest clung to her back, and his black eyes looked down at her face wantonly. In a calm tone, he said, "Tracy, how idle you are. How could you have contact with such a man?"

Hearing his deep voice, Tracy was stunned for a while. To be honest, there was no trace of anger on his face, but only a little jealousy.

Tracy frowned, but said nothing.

She wouldn't talk to him until she knew what he was thinking.

Seeing that she didn't speak or push him, Brody turned around.

As Charlie walked out of the cafe, they two strode forward. Before he could stand firm, Charlie hit him on the shoulder with a cheeky smile.

The sudden action of Brody, who was still powerful, almost gave a low groan.

He stood straight and hugged Charlie with a big hug, but his thin lips closed to her ear and fiercely warned her, "you can't touch her!"

After saying that, he stood up and gave him another punch.

Charlie pushed away the entangled face of Brody and looked at him with dissatisfaction. "What are you talking about? How could I touch your wife if I know she is your wife? "

After saying that, he returned to a playful smile.

At last, Brody gave him a sharp glance and said, "Mr. Xu, we have known each other for a long time."

The implication in her words is very clear: I know exactly which way you are going.

Charlie looked at him helplessly. When he wanted to refute, the words he wanted to curse were replaced by kind. "Yes, it has been five years."

After saying that, he looked at the direction of Tracy on purpose, without showing any fear.

While on the other hand, Tracy was staring at them with a calm face.

She was not surprised at their reaction because she knew that their relationship was not only a competitor but also an acquaintance as well as the name of each other.

A dandiacal person like Charlie and a Deep in thought like Brody, she didn't know how they got together.

Anna was amused by his words. If Charlie knew Brody, she would have fallen into his trap.

Charlie was looking at Tracy with greedy eyes, which made Brody feel a little nervous.

He loo

d walked over to her with hope. "What do you think? Is there any hope? "

Her voice was full of anxiety.

"No," replied Tracy, looking dejected

She looked upset too.

"What should we do now?" Wendy asked with a sad look, as she almost collapsed

"I told you. Keep your voice down."

Tracy interrupted Wendy harshly.

"I know. I've looked for that everywhere in the study, but it's not there. My brother is on his way back. I won't be able to find it."

"Your brother is right outside. How could you steal from him? You'd better open the door quickly and quietly. "

'things will get worse if Brody finds out Wendy is asking questions in the study. And they will definitely have a quarrel.'.

"Outside the door?" asked Wendy in surprise. Oh my God! I didn't expect him to come back so early. "

Looking at Wendy, Tracy was equally panic stricken.

"Don't say anything more. Clean up the study first. I'm sure he'll come to the study and sneak out when he takes a shower."

"What? What if he comes in now? "

Asked Tracy curiously.

How could she know that he would come in after taking a bath.

"I know his habit."

Tracy said while squatting down. She now suspected that Wendy was fool.

This girl seemed to be able to get to the bottom of everything.


Wendy bent down to pick things up with a happy smile.

"Look, what you have done to this messy study."

Tracy couldn't help but blurt out.

"Well, it seems that you are a good sister-in-law, but you are not much older than me. You are still a child."

"I'm different from you."

Tracy squatted down, stopping what she was doing and rolling her eyes at her.

"At least I'm an adult."

"I'm 18 years old and have grown up."

"It's still different."

"Nothing is different. You are my brother's woman now, right? If I were Ben's girlfriend, Then just the same."

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