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   Chapter 66 The Calm Before The Storm (Part Two)

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Seeing her crying so sadly, Tracy had no choice but to say, "I really can't use that method, but I can give it a try. Give you 10 billion!"

"But my brother is rich, he may not give it to me."

"You are going to engage in prostitution!"

Tracy was annoyed by Wendy.

She would be delighted if Brody didn't ask her for help, let alone go for help.


'go to look for him?'?

Tracy's eyes lit up, but she didn't say anything with her face red.

Waiting for the chance, Brody finally couldn't bear his desire any more. He thought that when they were making love, Wendy could take the opportunity to steal something.

However, things were different when she talked to Wendy. It was obvious that she wanted him very much.

"Never mind. I'll marry a rich old man."

Wendy said dejectedly, deliberately pulling a long face.

He sounded pathetic and serious.

"Let me tell you. You are Brody's sister. Who dares to marry you?"

Tracy gave Wendy a disdainful look.

She really thought she was an idiot!

Seeing that the plan failed, Wendy didn't say anything.

"Well, I said I will give it a try."

Tracy bent down, stretched out her arms, grabbed Wendy's wrist, pulled her up from the sofa and comforted her.

"Okay, let's try this method..."

Wendy lowered her head and muttered discontentedly.

But her eyes kept blinking. 'it doesn't matter. I can take another one.'.

She was good at many tricks.

However, Tracy didn't notice the weird expression on Wendy's face.

"Take a nap first. It's not good for your health, especially you're so crazy. I really hope that your brother will lock you up."

Teased Tracy.

"Humph He doesn't dare to, and he can't lock me. Even if he locks me in a hole in the ground, I'll come out as well. "

"Don't brag. There is nothing in the world that your brother can't do."

Tracy said lazily and turned around.

She really couldn't believe that there was something in the world that Brody dared not to do. A little girl like her could be handled by him.

"What are you doing? Don't you hurry up? "

"Go and clean it up. Do you really think that I, the lady of the family, is as useless as a vase?"

Teased Tracy, without turning her head around.

She was convinced.

The next second, she was stunned, feeling like she was a sheep into a tiger's mouth.

Tracy then turned around and vigilantly looked at the expressionless Wendy, and asked, "why don't you ask me how I gather the ten bill

ant to go so easily.

Not willing to give up, she had to return to her seat.

"Do you think the money will still be counted?"

Tracy said aggressively.

Her voice was not very high, but it was also a bit loud because it was filled with anger.

The voices around her were a bit louder, which made her feel a little embarrassed, and she felt like many people were talking about her.

Seeing this, Charlie said seriously, "it's true that you owned that property. But why didn't you sell it last time?"

He said in an unassailable tone, even with a shade of resentment in it.

He hated her for breaking her promise.

She looked at him apologetically and whispered, "I'm sorry. Last time, I really didn't mean it."

A hint of disappointment flashed through her eyes. She wouldn't have agreed if it weren't for Brody.

"I am asking you why?"

Charlie insisted with a serious look on her face.

Startled by his serious look, Tracy explained, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it."

She apologized sincerely. After all, it was her fault.

This time, Charlie didn't say anything, but stared at her with a serious expression in her eyes.

Seeing that he was not giving up and his eyes were fixed on her, Tracy complained angrily, "I want to come out, too. But how can I come out in that way?"

She said in a low voice.

What's more, why did he look at her with such questioning eyes? She had nothing to do with him. Even if he have money for her, it was reasonable for her to get it.

Seeing that she turned pale and looked very sad, Charlie was a little surprised and glad, and said apologetically, "little pepper I'm just kidding. "

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