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   Chapter 62 Noisy (Part Two)

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Brody was sensitive enough to sense something, and his tone was a little worried.

How could she know about things happened abroad?

As a matter of fact, Tracy didn't want to have a seesaw with him at this moment, so she gave him a bitter and pitiful smile. Instead, she ran into his brooding eyes and said, "Elsa has been here before."

She believed that Brody could understand these words.

"What did she say to you?"

He tightened his grip on her arm.

"Why are you so nervous?"

Tracy gave a snort of mockery and shook off his hand fiercely.

"Guilty conscience, so you is nervous. It's no big deal. You just stayed with a coquettish woman in a few photos."

Brody's face was filled with extreme anger.

This bitch, Elsa, just wanted to stir up trouble.

"Look at me."

Brody turned her face to him peremptorily and stared at her tears, "that's for work!"

Because he was furious at his attitude and it was extremely cold and hard.

"Yes, your work is to be with others."

Tracy shouted at Brody angrily, which made him even more angry.

"Bitch, do you know what you are talking about?"

Under his control, she couldn't even move. His black eyes shot two sharp swords.

He didn't want her to feel lonely and think too much during the Spring Festival, so he hurried back without a stop.

However, he didn't expect her to have such a reaction.

"Of course I know..."


With intense thoughts.

With a sharp pain, Tracy screamed as if she just woke up from a dream.

She struggled desperately in his arms.

She didn't want it at all——



Tracy struggled as if she was crazy. Noticing that she was struggling desperately, Brody became angrier.

Tracy also sensed a terrible threat over her head.

She pushed him away with all her strength, arched her eyebrows and said, "You're dirty."

Hearing this, Brody's eyes immediately covered with a thick layer of frost, and he said sharply, "don't push your luck."


A big hand locked the door, and a suffocating and threatening atmosphere filled the room.

Asked Tracy, looking at Brody's pale face in

After a short while, Tracy was so shocked that her face turned pale.

"Honey, I can't wait..." Brody said with a sly smile.

As time went by, Tracy became defenseless, but her heart ached so much as if it was going to split.

"Tell me you miss me --"

He whispered in her ear.

Tracy's body was as stiff as a statue.

No answer.

Brody snickered, his black eyes staring at her little face.

He forced, "Tracy, say you miss me!"

With sobs and helpless start between her lips, Tracy said, "I miss You... "

A satisfied smile broke across Brody's face. His heart was filled with something at that moment.

The next day, when Tracy slowly opened her eyes, the sunlight shone through the gap in the curtains. Several rays of light shone in the whole dark bedroom.

"Ah --"

What a rogue he was!

With a red face, Tracy scolded silently.

"We are a real couple..."

What Brody said echoed in her ears and it was resounding in her ears.


Tracy murmured.

'he must be crazy! How could he say that!' thought she.

How could it be possible?

Would he be so good to her?

She would rather believe that there is free lunch in the world than believe a single word said by Brody.

The door opened with a creak

When she hid herself in the quilt and covered her head with her hands irritably, the door was pushed open.

Asked Tracy in surprise, looking into the man's eyes.

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