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   Chapter 61 Noisy (Part One)

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After a long while, Tracy came back to her senses and pushed Brody away, her eyes full of hatred.

"Don't touch me -"

She said in a cold voice and then turned her head to look out of the window.

She was frightened to death and Brody come back this time.

All of a sudden, Brody turned her head to him, with his face gloomy. His black eyes were as sharp as knives, shooting into her eyes.

With an expressionless face and tears on Tracy's face.

He lifted his long fingers and held her chin up. He looked at her intently with a frown.

It seemed as if he was thinking about something.

After a long while, Brody slightly lifted the corners of his lips and smiled unfathomably. "Do you miss me?"

He said in an evil low voice.

Although Tracy was expressionless, deep down in her heart, she was shocked by his few words.

At this moment, she really should not feel angry or ridiculous, or pitiful.

Without saying a word, she turned her head again.

Looking at her, a hint of sorrow flashed through Brody's black eyes. He frowned and started the engine.

He knew that there seemed to be a lot of things to talk with her at home.

The car was fast and stable, just like his calmness.

After getting home, Tracy directly ran upstairs without looking back. Brody gave Ray to Sophie and followed her.

"Snap -"

The door was closed and the frame was shaking violently.

It was conceivable how angry the people inside were.

Tracy pressed her body against the door, but the man was stronger than she was.

Finally, before she locked the door, a tall figure covered her head.

Tracy stared at the ground, without saying a word.

After entering the room, Brody felt like he was torn between laughing and crying.

Replied Tracy in a casual coat and thick jeans. She didn't seem to change at all, and her face was thick and thin.

Didn't she eat well after he left?


Brody closed the door and leaned against the wall with one hand.

"You miss me so much that you are not in the mood for eating, right?"

He lowered his head.

ook at him.

Raising her head, Tracy stared at him with her eyes full of hatred.

"Tracy, if you think I am making irresponsible remarks, what about you? Why can you make up all these things? "

He was driven crazy, totally mad, how could this damn woman have so many thoughts.

Did she know how much he missed her.

When he came back, he went straight home and found that she was not at home.

But Tracy seemed not to appreciate his kindness at all.

"All the evidences are irrefutable. How are you going to deny it?" Tracy accused, her eyes filled with tears

She shook off his hand in anger. But the moment she tried to escape, she was caught by him again.

"Make it clear -"

Leaning her against the wall, Brody glared at her with his angry eyes.

She must think in this way, right?

Brody gripped her chin with his big hand. He was short of breath because of anger. He stared at her and said, "say it."

Tracy was startled by his sudden louder voice. A trace of panic flashed across her eyes.

"You did it more clearly than I said, didn't you?"

After saying that in a sad and cold tone, Tracy felt her heart was totally cold, which spread to her internal organs and then to her whole body.

Does it hurt?

Not painful, because the pain is to the extreme and it doesn't hurt at all. She seems to have been numb.

"What the hell do you know?"

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