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   Chapter 57 He Won't Come Back (Part One)

The Devil's Lure By Xi Ying Characters: 7342

Updated: 2020-03-25 00:08

Wendy was shocked by the sudden change of his attitude. She looked at him with horror and fear.

"What's wrong with you?"

She said in a trembling voice, feeling the air-conditioning and inexplicable anger from Ben.

It seemed that she had annoyed him.

Ben stared at her panic face with his angry eyes.

Suddenly, he stretched out his hand, raised Wendy's chin with his slender fingers, and whispered: "as a man, do you think I can really pass the test with my carelessness?"

Wendy was stunned, looking at Ben in astonishment.

What did he mean?

"You don't want to go back?"

Ben pinched her chin instead. His face was so close to her that almost touched her nose.

Wendy shrank back in shock. Her face turned red and her heart began to beat faster.

Perhaps it was because he suddenly changed his face for no reason, or perhaps it was because he had done such an unexpected action.

"What are you doing?"

When Ben leaned forward a little, Wendy looked at him in panic.

He was staring at her with his deep and fiery eyes, which she had never seen before. As a result, she felt more uneasy.

"You asked for it. I won't tell my fortune!" he yelled.

Ben laughed coldly. Before Wendy could figure out what was going on, he lifted her chin with his finger and kissed hard on her attractive lips.

Their lips were so soft and tender that Wendy's brain went blank and didn't react.

He was an overbearing, cold and wild man. Wendy was soon overwhelmed by him.


Wendy was shocked and began to struggle in panic with embarrassment. She clenched her fists and punched frantically in Ben's chest.

Was he crazy?

Ben easily stopped her hands, and her lips fiercely pressed on her lips.

Wendy struggled and closed her teeth tightly. The narrow space in the car made her feel suffocated for a moment.


Wendy was breathing fast and her hair was falling down.

He didn't give her a chance to struggle or shout at all.

Was he crazy?

She had never seen Ben so furious.

At this time, Ben's thick eyebrows became more and more ferocious, and the tense expression on her face made her palpitate.

At the same time, his fiery eyes w

his smile looked particularly stern. He contradicted Wendy without fear. He then said seriously, "remember, I am a man."

After saying that, he leaned back on the seat, feeling frustrated.

The Ben voice was so loud and clear that even Wendy got a little scared, and her eyelashes, which were wet with tears, trembled a little.

She had never seen Ben so strange.

In her eyes, Ben was silent, quiet and kind of alienated, but he wouldn't lose his temper easily.

She had always been the only one who talked to him. No matter how she talked to him, Ben would not answer her even if he did not want to talk.

He had never been tired of her arguing with her. Although he would not talk to her, he would always listen to what she said.

Wendy sniffed, glanced at him contemptuously and grumbled, "are you a man?"

She said in a low voice, yet Ben heard every single word.

Ben's face immediately darkened again. He pulled her over, and once again pressed her lips hard.

Surprised and frightened, Wendy began to struggle, but her whole body was tightly held in Ben's arms.

She couldn't move at all.

His lips pressed aggressively to express his anger, and the force pressing the back of her head became more and more powerful.

"Wendy, are you being kind to me or do you just hold me in an ingenious way?"

Ben said angrily and released her lips when she was almost suffocating.

Wendy was ashamed into anger. Her face was pale and red.

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