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   Chapter 56 A Test (Part Two)

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Because Ray could not speak at all.

By this moment, she had finally understood why Brody had to take the risk of her abuse of Ray and left him to her.

Tracy snatched the phone from him, clenched her cold palm and said in a trembling voice, "he's fine."

The other end of the line was relieved to hear Tracy's voice.

With these thoughts in Tracy's mind, a smile of self mockery appeared at the corners of her mouth.

"What happened?"

He asked in a low voice.


Said Tracy in a nonchalant manner, as if nothing had happened.

"Then why did he cry? I just left for one hour."

Brody raised his voice.

Enraged, Tracy confessed bluntly, "he cried just because I said something to him."

She lowered her voice. A feeling of grievance welled up in her heart.

Sure enough, before she could react, the angry voice pierced through the telephone receiver. "You dare to bully him --"

"I just..."

"Really? Otherwise, why are Ray crying so hard? "

Tracy could hear his heavy breathing.

She was stunned. Looking at Ray with her eyes, who was about to cry, she said, "I am not as despicable as you are. You can do it, but I won't. You can be heartless to your wife, but I am not as vicious as you are to kill a child."

Tracy bit her lower lip, her voice trembling.

'take action? That's what he do. I won't do it.'.

There was no answer. The air was a little quieter.

When Tracy was about to hang up, a voice from the other end of the line reached her ears, which sounded much calmer than before. "Listen, Tracy. No matter what happens, you must take good care of him. He likes to get up at half past four in the morning, so you must stay with him. You can leave his room after he falls asleep every night. You know, he has the habit of not tucking himself in, and you don't need to leave his room until he gets tired..."

While listening to Brody quietly, Tracy heard a lot of things that she had to take care of Ray.

Finally, after Brody finished his words, Tracy bit her lips sadly and stopped crying.

Her heart seemed to have been deeply cut off by a pair of scissors. It hurt incapable of further increase.

She even saw him losing his temper to her half a year later.

"Got it."

She was about to hang up.


His voice sounded a little hoarse.

Tracy was stunned. She stopped and stared at him with anticipation in her eyes.

She didn't know what Brody would do after leaving home for half a year. Except for settling down Ray, he didn't mention a word about everything in the family to her.


Tracy, who deeply hurt by him.

Although she hated him, they were legally married under the same roof,.

He said that he would leave for h

gers on the steering wheel. "What's wrong with you today? Did you lose money? You can't afford to lose such a little money, can you? I've been watching aside. You didn't lose much. Besides, the money won by the gamblers, in fact, all went to your pocket, right? "

"Shut up."

Suddenly, Ben turned his head and glared at her, scolding her in a cold voice.

Wendy shrank a little unexpectedly.

Wendy saw Roy turn his head and drive the car. His face became more gloomy as the night fell behind them.

"You Did you lose something? "

Wendy swallowed and asked tentatively.

She avoided the eye contact. When Ben looked at her, she would look away from his side face.

However, Ben didn't move, still keeping the same posture as before, driving attentively.

Seeing that he did not answer, Wendy's hanging heart was slightly relieved.

He should not know that the gem was lost. If he knew it, he should have snapped at her according to his temper now.

Besides, he didn't even bother to talk to her before she got in the car.

"Since you don't want to talk about it, I'll not speak."

Suddenly, Wendy said in a cheeky tone, 'there must be something wrong with Ben's behavior.

Otherwise, why did he get mad.

Wendy shut up and leaned against the seat lazily "Ahhh -""

She screamed.

She slammed the brakes and pulled over.

Wendy came back to earth and looked at Ben in fright.

His face was ghastly pale and his deep eyes looked quite dreadful at the moment.

Wendy was overcome with growing panic.

"What What's wrong with you? "

Seeing the strange face of Ben, Wendy felt scared.

At this time, the eyes of Ben were like a beast who was staring at its prey.

Wendy moved a bit in fear.

"Will you go back or not?"

Ben suddenly got close to her and threatened her.

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