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   Chapter 54 The Most Precious One (Part Two)

The Devil's Lure By Xi Ying Characters: 7146

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There was no denying that Tracy was a breathtaking beauty.

For a moment, Brody's eyes glowed with passion. He seemed to have been lost in it.

As a result of his intense gaze, Tracy became more uneasy. She struggled slightly to free herself from his grip in the narrow space, and said stiffly, "you Get out of my way. I'm tired. "

Brody looked at her intently as if she was his prey, with a strong possessive desire beating his heart.

He will on a business trip.

To his surprise, he felt a little reluctant to part with her.

When he saw the incredible and beautiful face of Tracy, the sense of occupy became stronger.

He narrowed his eyes and stared at her. Suddenly he seemed to be bewitched and kissed her beautiful lips.


Her sudden scream was held back.

His masculine air suddenly wrapped her whole body tightly, and her heart began to tremble.

When her face turned red and was about to suffocate.

The man finally let go of her and looked at her with a playful smile.

After a short while, Tracy regained her composure, her face as red as a ripe apple.

She became angry from embarrassment and stood against the door, staring at him in bewilderment.


What a shameless rascal.

Tracy was so angry that she couldn't help cursing in her heart.

How could he do this.

At the door of the bedroom, Wendy was still in the bedroom.


Tracy gritted her teeth with fury in her eyes.

"So devoted?"

Brody looked at her with a half-smile.

Tracy didn't respond. She glared at him with burning, reproachful eyes.

Brody remained calm, and his eyes suddenly became unfathomable.

Brody lowered his tall body and stared at her red and angry face. "Tell me, will you miss me?"

His eyes seemed to force her to admit that she missed him.

Tracy clenched her fists and answered without hesitation, "No."

She missed him?


Tracy's lips curled into a contemptuous sneer. How could he make her miss him?

"You lied, but you were so passionate just now."

He leaned over and whispered in her ear in a mischievous tone.

Tracy pushed him away and said in a


She started to regret asking this question.

He was such a selfish, cold and heartless man who didn't need others' concern.

Brody replied with his dark eyes glimmering.

Undoubtedly, there was a hint of sweetness in his chest.

Because she took the initiative to ask him.

He bent over, approached Tracy face and said, "I'll leaving for five and a half months and said you miss me."

He demanded.

Tracy was stupefied, dodging the eye contact and unwilling to speak.

Brody's sudden intimate action made Tracy's heart skip a beat.

"Did Ray come?"

Asked Tracy, tilting her head.

She was not interested in what he was going to do.

As for his sudden abnormal behavior, she didn't want to know either.

Maybe, he just wanted to tease her for a while.

"He's in the living room. Take good care of him, okay?"

A hint of frustration flashed through Brody's eyes when he saw that Tracy was unwilling to say, and he deviated from her face and said in a gentle and serious tone.

Tracy raised her head to look at him and her heart skipped a beat.

At this time, Brody was like a husband who was on a business trip and arranged his wife to take care of everything.

"Got it."

Tracy said in a friendly tone. She didn't even look at him.

"Why don't you ask me where I am going?"

Asked Brody expectantly.

"Not interested."

Tracy said in a cold voice and then lay down again.

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