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   Chapter 53 The Most Precious One (Part One)

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Brody said mercilessly.

Tracy's heart throbbed painfully, and a wry smile curled the corners of her mouth.

"Haha Really? "

"You can have a try."

Brody's black eyes fixed on her face, and threatened her with a cold voice.

Tracy sneered, fixing her eyes on him, and said sarcastically, "Brody, let's get divorced!"

Unexpectedly, his face changed dramatically, and his black eyes seemed to be burning with fire.

She still looked straight into his eyes.

Brody clenched his fist. Suppressing his anger, he stared at her obstinate and decisive eyes, "how bold are you? You dare to challenge my patience again and again."

He hated her for her determination and fearlessness.


Every time when he saw Tracy's fearless and stubborn expression, he could only bear the anger in his chest, but could do nothing to her.

How many times?

He even wanted to strangle her at once.

Tracy shouted and released her wrist which was tightly grasped by Brody's hand over her head. She twisted her body violently.

"Let me go -"

She couldn't get rid of him, and her eyes were filled with anger and hatred.

However, Brody didn't let go of her but grabbed her wrist firmly with his powerful big hand. He stared at her stubborn and cold face ferociously and warned her coldly: "besides, don't try to play petty tricks and redeem that gem by small means. Do you really think I'm that stupid?"

Said Brody seriously, bending over to press her thin body.

Tracy twisted her body very hard. He was so heavy that she felt like she was going to suffocate.

She could hardly breathe, staring at Brody's black eyes with hatred.

When she saw the cunning look in Brody's eyes, she froze in the bed. After a while, she gritted her teeth and said, "you are shameless and despicable."

For three months, he had been on a business trip for three months.

'Alfred thought the gem was the apple of Ben's eye, and he would find it in a few days.

At that time, it was too late to deny.

Because Ben only allowed Wendy to enter that villa.

'even if I and Wendy ask for ten billion dollars tomorrow, they won't get it without Brody's company, ' she thought.

The more Tracy thought about it, the angrier she became. Suddenly, she gritted her teeth and b

en in this situation, Brody still stood there motionlessly.

She had to be the one to drive him away.

"Wendy, tuck yourself in at midnight. Be careful not to catch a cold. 0"

When Tracy was still in a daze because of Brody's words, her wrist was grasped tightly by a big hand.

Then she was dragged out of the room.

After a short pause, Tracy was dragged out of the house.

As soon as she got a firm stand. Tracy jerked her head into the room.

However, she was quickly taken out again.

The door of the bedroom was tightly closed by Brody.

"What the hell are you doing, Brody?"

Shouted Tracy.

With one hand against the door, Brody lowered his head and smiled naughtily. "Don't worry. After all, it's our turn to find a place for her."

With a shock in Tracy's heart, she saw the overbearing side of Brody as well as the wild male hormone immediately swept through her body.

She trembled with fear and anger, "what on earth do you want?"

She pushed against his strong arms in the cramped space, but to no avail.

She was going crazy

Really going crazy.

She really couldn't stand what happened to Brody.

In a blink of an eye, there was no expression on his face at all.

She couldn't stand him being unpredictable.

Brody looked down at the face of Tracy.

Her facial features were delicate with sharp edges all over the body, and the eyebrow pins were light as a willow leaf which was as beautiful as the autumn breeze, and her eyes were like the red peach mouths.

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