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   Chapter 52 Will You Miss Me (Part Two)

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Although she knew there must be no problem with the character of Ben.

But no matter what happened, Tracy wouldn't deny all that Brody said.

She didn't know what happened between Brody and Ben either.

"We haven't taken preventive measures yet." she didn't care how Wendy was going to treat Ben.

However, she was not stupid enough to help Wendy and Ben.

Oh, there's one more thing. She feel sorry for Ben?



Much to her surprise, Brody laughed over her head.

The mellow voice of the voice made Tracy absent-minded for a moment.

"I'm slinging mud at you, but it's better than some people finding fault with themselves!"

Brody said in a low voice when Tracy was still in a daze.

"Stay with Wendy late at night to play with her. Such a special education works on you."

Brody bent slightly and said to her ear expressionlessly.

Of course, Tracy could hear the disdain and mockery in his tone.

He meant that she was a bad influence.

"I did play with her, but it was better than somebody said that he wanted to love her. In fact, it was perfectly normal for him to have a fight with her in the middle of the night."

Without saying a word, Brody stared at the back of Tracy's head.

Being aware of his strange look, Tracy was stiff slightly.

But soon, she forced herself to behave and relax.

Brody became abnormal everyday.

With her back to Brody, a wry smile appeared on Tracy's face.

What did she care about?

She didn't care about it at all. He loved to get angry; he liked to sneer. It's nothing.

Seeing that she kept silent, Brody seemed to be a little angry. He angrily stared at the bed which had already been wrinkled by her.

"Wendy sleep in another room."

"You don't need to say that to me." Tracy added coldly, trying to stay calm.

She continued to pack up.

Brody had nothing to say. He thought she would fight back angrily.

"It's okay to occupy my position, but I'm worried about her Even just for one night. "

After a moment's hesitation, Tracy understood what Brody meant.

He was worried that she would spoil Wendy just for one night?

She suddenly turned around angrily and sneered at him, "Brody, I just want to tell you that, the fish begins to rot from the head. Even if Wendy has a flaw in character or personality, it is your education that makes that."

She angrily stared at the indiffere

with his homework."

He whispered in her ear about everything happened after the business trip.

"He is not my son."

Tracy was not convinced by his order. She exclaimed unwillingly

"It's not up to you. You think I'm too kind to you, don't you? Are you so arrogant that you dare to resist in public? "

Brody was still pressing on her body. He held her hands which were trying to get rid of him easily.

"I can't. I graduated from junior high school myself."

Tracy turned him down without hesitation.

Because of fear, she didn't dare to keep in touch with Ray.

Every time she thought of the kidnapping which was planned by Elsa and Ray, she felt scared.

A six-year-old child...

"By the way, you can learn it together. I don't want my wife to be ignorant of news."

Little did Tracy know that Brody didn't get to the bottom of the junior high school education she mentioned.

She had studied in the University for three years, but she hadn't learned much useful things.

She was as innocent as a junior high school student.

"I'm not interested in studying. Our family is not right for marriage, you can divorce!"

Tracy struggled for a long time and said directly as she stared at Brody seriously.

"The second time..."

Brody said coldly.

Tracy turned her head indifferently, not understanding what he meant.

"You can only say the word 'divorce' the second time, and there won't be a third one, otherwise..."

"What? Hit me to death? "

Turning her head away, Tracy said disdainfully.

"Otherwise, I will send you to the place you want to stay most."

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