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   Chapter 50 Impossible To Reconcile (Part Two)

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"How do you know?"

Wendy looked at him confusedly and muttered.


Who was the fiancee of Ben!

Brody looked serious and said nothing

Then Wendy asked again, "Are you really not going to give it to me? "

Her determination.

Outside the door, Tracy hesitated. For several times, she had even thought about directly pushing the door in.

However, she dared not act rashly because of their conversation.

She couldn't tell whether Brody was telling the truth.

But he was really shocked.

His younger sister died?

And Ben was involved.

Was it really unbelievable, 'more than that, why does Ben have a fiancee?

She and Ben had known each other for three years, and she never heard Ben mention it at all.

While she naturally thought that Ben had been single.

Except that she knew Ben had loved a woman deeply before.

But she didn't know who that woman was.

'so, is the fiancee of Ben the woman?'?

While Tracy was still lost in her thoughts, she heard the sound of crying from inside.

"You know clearly that even if I have saved all my life, it can't be that much money..."

With a long face, Tracy finally couldn't stand it anymore and directly pushed the door open.

As soon as she entered the room, she saw the two quarreling men.

However, compared to crying, desperate and helpless Wendy, Brody was calmer sitting in the chair without saying anything.

Seeing that Tracy rushed into the room in an aggressive manner, Brody glanced at her sharply and said, "do you also come here to join in the fun?"

"Having fun?"

With these words, she quickly caught up to Wendy and dragged her behind her, who was crying so hard.

She got a powerful momentum and said: "the thing between you and Ben has nothing to do with Wendy. Do you know how naive you are?"

Brody sneered. He was not happy with Tracy, who broke in all of a sudden.

"It has nothing to do with the feud between Ben and I, but he is the enemy of all the Ye family."

Hearing Brody's choice of words, Tracy smiled bitterly and said indifferently, "I don't admit that I'm a member of the Ye family. Brody, I don't need you to remind me of my position."

"Stop crying, Wendy. It's just a piece of jewel."

Turning Tracy head, she reached out and wiped the tears from the corner of Wendy's eyes, trying to comfort her.

Wendy raised her aggrieved eyes to look at her, "but That wasn't an ordinary gem... "

"I know, but I'm not a part of it."

"But If If Ben knows that the gem can't be found back... "

Wendy wiped tears with the

er and then muttered: "Yeah, he has a big villa by the sea, beautiful, legendary and treasured land, and he never allows anyone to take half a step..."

"Then you must have sneaked into it."

Tracy cut in with certainty.

Wendy rolled his eyes at her and said, "do you think I'm born to steal?"

"Yes, I did follow him secretly. Once, he snapped at me when it rained, and finally took me into his villa. I was so angry at that time, and when he didn't notice, I flipped around in his villa. Finally, I found a concealed grid in a bedroom, with the gem in the grid."

"You saw the treasure and your eyes lit up. You took it away to revenge?"

Tracy said.

"Yes, I'm going to play with him. But I haven't seen him recently. If he knows that the gem is missing, he'll definitely come to me."

"Sister in law, be serious. I don't have that much money."

Wendy's concern was written all over her face.

The smile on Tracy's face froze and she looked at her helplessly.


Seeing that Tracy didn't have any other way to help, Wendy lowering her eyes in disappointment.

"I only have two billion now. Moreover, I don't trust your brother's character," said Tracy, a little bit reluctantly

Actually, Brody was trying to make things difficult for her.

The money was transferred to him, and he would give the gem to Wendy.

He didn't lack money!

He said that just because he knew that Wendy had no money.

"Well, you should give it a try before Ben finds out..."

Wendy was like a deflated balloon.

"The best way is to tell Ben and persuade him to abandon the gem."

"There is no free lunch. You must pay for it. Picking up a treasure. Hum... "

Wendy snorted coldly.

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