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   Chapter 49 Impossible To Reconcile (Part One)

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In the photo, a girl was wearing a white dress, with a gentle smile on her face. She was like a fresh peach blossoming in the early spring.

She had the same face as Wendy. The only difference was that Wendy's eyes were full of naughty and cuteness.

The girl in the photo was as beautiful and pure as the autumn water.

Wendy was stunned, the photo aroused an indescribable sadness.

"Do you know her?"

Whispered Brody.

Wendy stared at the photo, melancholy eyes moving.


After a long time, Wendy asked in a choked voice.

Then she raised her head and looked at Brody, who was also sad and confused.

"Do you know how your sister died?"

Wendy shook her head with tears in her eyes, but she seemed to see something in Brody's eyes.

"No, bro. You don't tell me that my sister's death has something to do with Ben," said Wendy. She looked at Brody in a panic.

"Yes, they do."

Brody interrupted Wendy sternly.

Wendy shook his head and looked at him in disappointment. She said directly, "this is slander!"

The Ye family had four brother and sister. Brody was the eldest son. Linda and Wendy was his sister.

The youngest was a boy, who just died as soon as he was born.

Wendy looking at Brody.

At this moment, she seemed to understand why her elder brother pampered her so much but was so strict with her.

Four siblings, sister and brother are dead.

Perhaps it was because he was too painful, perhaps it was also because he was afraid of losing his only sister.

Therefore, he was overbearing, harsh, but he would satisfy whatever she required.

But she couldn't figure out why they had to keep her from contacting with Ben.

"Wendy, please wake up. Your sister's death must have something to do with Ben."

Said Brody, trying to restrain his anger.

Wendy insisted on shaking her head. She reached out her hand and took the photo from Brody. Then she reached out her hand and touched the photo.


In fact, before Linda was alive, Brody loved her as much as Wendy.

On the other hand, Linda was very fond of Wendy, fearing that her sister would get some hurts.

However, it was Wendy's birthday three years ago.

All of a sudden, Lind

the gem in his hand was shinning brightly under the light.

Wendy's face changed. She rushed forward to grab it, but she was easily avoided by Brody.

"Give me -"

Wendy shouted angrily.

Brody sneered, "I'm for your safety. Since you don't care about it, then I don't have to flatter myself. But if you want this gem, buy it with money."


Wendy's eyes widened.

Brody turned his head to carefully look at the gem, restrained his anger and tried to say in a casual way as he could, "10 billion, I want it right away."

"You are just being difficult to me."

He did it on purpose.

"You can ask for gem from me when you have money. As for you and Ben..."

"I'm just acquainted with Ben."

"Wow! So he gave you a unique gem in the world? As far as I know, he gave it to his fiancee. "

Brody blurted out, looking at Wendy with his dark eyes.

"I stole it."

In a moment of desperation, Wendy blurted out.

The air froze immediately.

A few seconds later, Wendy finally realized what he had said, but she also remembered what Brody had said afterwards.


She was shocked!

No wonder 'no wonder Ben thinks highly of the gem and even doesn't allow me to touch it.

When Brody heard what she said, his face changed greatly. He was so angry that he could barely breathe.

He was about to get angry, but when he saw that Wendy was righteous, his anger changed to an indifferent tone: "I don't care if you steal from me, but..."

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