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   Chapter 47 You Can't Be With Him (Part One)

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"Brother You can't take away the thing she loves. A gentleman should make a good deed. I have given this necklace to my sister-in-law. "

Seeing that Brody didn't look well, Wendy changed the subject immediately.

Raising her head abruptly, Tracy glared at Wendy with displeasure.

But what responded to her was only Wendy's helpless and pitiful begging.

She couldn't bear to turn a blind eye to this hot potato.

"Confiscate the gem, now go to have dinner!"

Brody took back his hand and grabbed the gem tightly.


Wendy raised her voice.

And turned to Tracy for help.

While Tracy, with her arms around her knees, was expressionless, staring at the bed sheet.

"Bro, this stuff..." said Wendy in a hurry.

"Shut up -"

He was burning with anger.

Startled by the roar, Wendy's shoulder trembled. At the same time, Tracy raised her head and looked at the side of Brody's face.

Now, his sculptural face drew a hard line.

There was a moment of dead silence in the room.

Seeing that Brody was really angry, Wendy stood still without saying a word.

Holding her breath.

Tracy stared at Brody, feeling uneasy.

'why is Wendy so afraid of Brody?' she wondered.

Besides, she had seen that Brody got angry before. But this time, she was terrified.

At the thought of it, Tracy tightened her arms around her knees.

No matter what happened, it was a matter between the brother and sister.

If she interfered, the most she would do would be like an idiot.

Wendy was his biological sister. She didn't believe that Brody would treat her like what he did to her.

Seeing that Tracy didn't care about him, Brody stepped to her bed, stared at her coldly and ordered, "get out of the bed!"

Tracy shrank back and looked at him with displeasure.

And she didn't move an inch.

Restraining his anger, Brody glared at her, "yes or no?"

There was a fatal threat this time.

Tracy raised her chin high and answered without a sign of weakness, "no --"

Her answer was straightforward.

Now, it seemed that Brody was completely irritated. He bent down and stretched out his long arm to look under Tracy.

"What are you doing?"

Asked Tracy in shock.

Before she could react, Brody squatted and hel

hing out his hand. He stretched out his hand with the chopsticks and handed them to Tracy.

No water, so Food is okay?

With a quick glance, Tracy remained motionless.

"Tracy Eat something first. Don't starve yourself. "

Noticing that the situation was not good, Wendy quickly reached out to take the chopsticks in Brody's hand and forcefully stuffed them into Tracy's hand.

With that, she didn't move at all, allowing Wendy to put his chopsticks into her hands.

Seeing this, Brody's face became longer and longer.

Veins stood out on his forehead, as if he would pounce on her the next second.

Seeing this, Wendy shook her hand on the table again, "Will you eat it or not? "

Said Brody threateningly, as if he had finally lost his mind.

Tracy's heart skipped a beat, but she still remained emotionless.

Wendy was shocked by what Brody said.

"Tracy, you can't put up with it. Look at your dry lips. How about drinking some water first?"

Brody glared at Wendy and said coldly, "you've seen the wind and wisdom very much. Wait for me in the study after dinner."

Then, Brody rested his eyes on Tracy again.

Being stared at by Brody, Wendy had to close her mouth obediently and eat the food on her own.

However, she had a vague feeling that.

Her brother's fierce look must have something to do with the gem.

At first, he was very angry. But considering his wife's belly, he came to eat first.

As a result

His beloved wife. 'you ungrateful son of a bitch.'.

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