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   Chapter 45 The Gemstone (Part One)

The Devil's Lure By Xi Ying Characters: 7478

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Brody laughed coldly as if he had heard a joke, "I'm worried about you? It's so absurd. Who will pay back if you die? "

Tracy didn't respond. Her heart was broken.

Her heart seemed to be torn apart little by little

She folded her arms around her knees and pressed her chin on her arms silently.

She was tired and didn't want to argue with him any more. She would do whatever he wanted. From the beginning to the end, she never had dignity and rights to say no.

'Brody, I'll divorce you one day.'.

With a firm look at the crumpled sheet, Tracy swore in her mind.

Swallowing all the grievance, she looked up in silence. Tracy asked seriously, "Brody, when will your revenge come to an end?"

She asked lightly, staring at him.

Brody was astonished for a moment, "till death do us apart!"

A desperate smile crept onto Tracy's face.

He might not let her go until her death?

She didn't speak any more. She grabbed the quilt and lay down.

He frowned, pulled away the quilt and pulled her up.

"Let me go -"

Tracy struggled as hard as she could.

Brody held her wrists which were still wriggling.


Tracy's wrist hurtled like broken.

Brody gripped her wrist more tightly and looked at her black and blue marks.

After a short pause, he turned his head to look at Tracy.

She closed her pale lips tightly and her eyes looked dull and stubborn.

After hearing what she said, Tracy frowned and was about to rebuke him, but Brody suddenly loosened his grip on her and got out of bed, walking towards the door.

Tracy stared blankly at the open door. After a long while, she lay back in the quilt again.

When she was about to close her eyes, she heard footsteps from outside.

Stunned, Tracy turned her head away from the door while she was still sleeping on the bed.

"Wendy -"

She screamed in surprise and sat up.

Wendy went to the bed in a hurry and threw her hat on the bed, with her black hair flowing down.

"I sneaked in."

Wendy said bluntly while sitting on the bed.

"What? Are you okay? You look so bad. Your lips are even dry and bleeding. "

Wendy asked worriedly.

Tracy shook her head and answered, "I'm fine. I forgot to turn off the electric blan

ed at Wendy excitedly.

Wendy drew back her neck and dodged, because Tracy excitement almost hit her.

"Not at all Don't talk nonsense. "

Wendy asked with a red face and denied.

She admitted that her heart was beating fast the moment she stole the gem.

It turned out that it was not easy to steal something.

This was the first time she had stolen since she was a child.

"Humph Don't you admit it? "

Tracy really didn't want to see Wendy pretend to be innocent.

"It's customized by a top designer. It's really unique and unique. There is only one in the world."

Wendy stressed in a stern tone.

But Tracy didn't believe it. She gazed at the gem, eyes full of affection.

If only she could have it.

She really liked

Seeing this, her heart started beating.

After a long while, Tracy managed to hold back her excitement, raised her head and looked straight into Wendy's eyes What can I do for you? "

"Well What a treasure... "

Wendy stammered.

"Yes, it is."

Tracy said with a sense of loss.

It was indeed a treasure, but it did not belong to her.

"I've lost my mind all day long. I can not put it at home. My mom likes to move my room upside down. But bring it with me all day, you know that. It's impossible. So All I think about is my brother. But give it to him. He is so intimidating. I don't want to talk to him So... "

"So, you ask me to save it."

Tracy's voice was still lazy.

But her eyes were fixed on this special gem.

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